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Police Hierarchy

Police Hierarchy

Police Hierarchy

Just you see that all the Policemen in our country wear the same dress of the same color. But there are many types of stars and Ashoksthambh etc are held that shows what kind of rank is allowed to what person. So let’s start with the Police constable. This was the smallest post in the police department. In which there is no star, Batch, or anything. Then after that second is Senior Police Constable, This post is above then the police constable. There is a black stripe on the place where they sit on their throne which is Yellow banded, But in a few states, there is a red banded also. After that, there is a Head constable.

Above the Head constable, the next is the Assistant sub-inspector, which is also known as ASI. Above that is Sub Inspector which is known as SI there is the two-star uniform with a belt of red or blue color. Above the SI the next is Inspector who is the head or senior. There is one red and one blue strip and the three stars are there, Popularly known as TI. Above this is the Deputy Superintendent of Police that is also known as DYSP and also the ACP. This is the rank that is above the inspector it is the three-star dress.

After it, there is an Additional Deputy Commissioner which is known as ASP. After that, the next is the Superintendent of Police known as SP there is one star and one ashoksthambh job. After that Senior Superintendent of police, there is one Ashoksthambh and two stars. the next is the Deputy Inspector General Of Police. then Inspector General Of Police is known as IGP. Then Additional General of Police. Then Director General Of Police. Then Director of the Intelligence Bureau.

So, Friends, I hope now you understand well how the rank is distributed in a Police department’s ” Police Hierarchy”. 

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