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No Caste No Religion Certificate

You all must have read the news a few days back. I have also read some such news on my social media that Advocate Sneha, who hails from Tamil Nadu, has obtained those low-cost no certificates. She has become the first woman in India to have been given a ‘No Caste No Religion Certificate’. Who gives this certificate, and where is it made? I am going to give you here the answers to many questions related to this certificate

Where to apply for the No Caste No Religion Certificate? How To Get No Caste No Religion Certificate?  How it is made, we will see it all here.

So India has been divided into caste and religion. Wherever you fill admission form or any other type of form, it is asked in that form which caste you belong to. Which religion do you belong to? There is no caste or religion greater than being an Indian. It should be asked in the form whether we are Indian or not and if we are Indian then there should be no greater identity than this.

The country should not be divided into religion and caste and a great initiative has been taken by Advocate Sneha, who lives in Tamil Nadu, and has got the No Caste No Religion Certificate. This means now she is neither of any caste nor religion. Neither does she remain related to any religion. What is greater dignity than being human?

Friends, till 2010, there was no procedure to get the No Caste No Religion Certificate. For this Sneha had to fight a long legal battle. Then after 9 years, Sneha got this Certificate. Recalling her quest for a unique identity to ensure her identity, Sneha said that when she started applying for the No Caste No Religion Certificate in 2010, one who follows the caste religion must have the certificate.

But she raised the question that why those who do not belong to any caste or any religion, do not get any certificate. But some officers rejected her plea to get this Certificate for one reason or the other.  Some officers said, there is no law or any legal procedure in the country to issue a No Caste No Religion Certificate. Therefore, no certificate can be issued in this regard.

Finally, In 2017, Sneha started giving and arguing her side and said that everyone should consider what I am saying. Officer of Tirupattur Tahsildar TS Sathiyamoorthy and Upper Collector agreed to Sneha’s request to verify her school college documents. They noticed and observed that Sneha and her husband Pratibharaja were leaving the caste religion column blank on the school admission forms of their three daughters.

Tahsildar also checked whether Advocate Sneha (Vellore) had ever availed benefits like reservation given to caste or government job by using the Caste or religion.

After thorough investigation, when no information came to the fore that Sneha received the benefits of any Caste reservation or take a Government job by caste reservation then Tahsildar was issued this certificate to Sneha.

The discrimination that takes place in India in the name of caste religion can be ended by getting a no caste no religion certificate.

How to apply for this certificate?. There is no website provided by any state or center from which you can apply for any such certificate. At present, you can apply for this certificate in the collector of your region or in the To the Tehsildar of your tehsil.

If you want to apply for such a certificate, then write an application on blank paper and submit it to the collector’s office or before the tehsildar. If you want to get a no caste no religion certificate it is very important that you did not receive any benefit from the reservation facility on the basis of Caste and religion and also you have not taken any government job on the bases of caste facility.

 It is very important to keep this in mind. Because if you have availed such benefits by joining any caste-related reservation or government job then you will not be issued No caste no religion certificate.

Advocate Sneha, who fought since 2010, got a No Caste No Religion Certificate after almost 9 years of fighting. Now at a time when people have been left astray in different caste and religions At such times, certificates like this can do the work of connecting people. That is why the government should think about the provisions of the government to make a law on it and issue such a certificate.

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