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Salient Features Of American Constitution

salient features of American Constitution

Salient features of the American Constitution.

  • 1 – Doctrine of checks and balances –

To ensure that no organ of the government may become a despot, the principle of checks and balances on different organs has been adopted.

  • 2 – Bi Cameral legislature –

The federal legislature has two Houses. The lower house is the House of Representative which represent the people and the upper house is the senate which represents the federating states.

  • 3 – Bill of Rights –

The rights of the American citizen were incorporated into the constitution by the first 10 amendments. The USA is the first country to include the rights of the citizen in the constitution. US citizens enjoy various kinds of freedom and equality.

  • 4 –  Separate constitution of the state –

Every state has its separate constitution. The federal constitution is concerned with the composition and powers of the federal government and the constitution of the states is concerned with the organization and power of the state government.  with the federal constitution and it is obligatory to provide a republic government in every state.

  • 5 – Judicial Supremacy –

Judiciary had been granted supremacy over other organs of government in the USA because the judiciary interprets and protects the constitution and also resolves the disputes between the center and states.

  • 6 – Judicial Review –

The judiciary has the power to reject the bills passed by congress and treaties concluded by the president if it is against the constitution.

  • 7 – impeachment –

Public officials and the persons holding political offices, and be removed from office on the conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. The House of representatives brings charges of misconduct by voting a bill of impeachment. The accused official is tried in the Senate, with the chief justice of the supreme court presiding at the trial.

  • 8 – Double citizenship –

Every American citizen enjoys two types of citizenship.

  • 9 – Conventions –

Like in any other constitution, conventions have made their place in the American constitution and have contributed a lot to the development of the constitution. i.e. existence of political parties, cabinet, committees of the congress, senatorial courtesy, etc.

  • 10. Preamble –

” We the people of the united states, to perform more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and posterity, do remain and establish this constitution for the USA “.

  • 11. Written Constitution –

American constitution is a brief written document comprising a preamble and seven articles. Only twenty-seven amendments so far have been made. It is just a skeleton, excluding details. The motive behind keeping it a brief document was to regulate only basic issues while routine affairs and details were left for enforcement so that the constitution could cope with the needs of changing conditions.

  • 12. Rigidity –

It’s the most rigid constitution. It can be amended by a very difficult and lengthy process. The proposal of the amendment requires the approval of both houses of congress separately by a 2/3 majority and ratification by 3/4 of state legislatures.

  • 13. Federalism –

it is a federation of about 50 states. The constitution enumerates the powers of the center and leaves the residue of powers to be exercised by the federating units.

  • 14. Supremacy of the constitution –

According to Article 6 of the American constitution,’ The constitution shall be the supreme law of the land “.

  • 15. presidential form of government –

the USA is the oldest and most successful presidential government in the world.

Its presidential features are (i) President is the real executive head (ii) the Separation between executive and legislature (iii) the Fixed tenure of the executive (iv) Members of the cabinet are responsible to the president.

  • 16. Separation of powers –

The three organs of government are separated from each other. Article 1 of the constitution gives legislative power to the congress Article 2 gives executive power to the president Article 3 gives judicial power to the judiciary.

so, friends, these all are the Salient Features Of the American Constitution.

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