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Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

It is believed to be the most dangerous industrial disaster in the world.

Who was responsible for this accident? (Bhopal Gas Tragedy)

The factory where this disaster took place, was a factory of the Union Carbide Company. Because of the shortage of funds, the company decided it would start manufacturing MIC in India rather than importing it. This is the first red flag. UCIL was granted permission by the government, and so they started to do so at their manufacturing plant. Around this time, the company was directed to form a  proper evacuation plan. But the company failed to form any such plans. As I told you, MIC was being manufactured in that plant and the MIC was stored in liquid form in 3 huge tanks underground.

Tank E610 and E611 were filled with MIC completely and E619 was supposed to remain empty for emergencies. They were filled with MIC for more than 60% of the capacity and that night, the third tank was also filled. More than the approved amount of MIC was stored to save money. Thirdly, the indicator shows the level of MIC, was not working. The alarm was also disconnected years ago, The gases from the pipe went into a vent gas scrubber, but that scrubber was switched off. The pressure control valve on tank E610 wasn’t working and no one had repaired it. The company had almost closed off its operations and the remaining MIC in these tanks was supposed to be used as and when needed the last and final problem was; In case of any mishap in the factory, there were 2 huge alarms installed. One of the alarms was for the workers at the factory, and the second and louder alarm, was for the residents of Bhopal residing around the factory but the other alarm was turned off.

By the next morning,  thousands of people have died. And it becomes the worst industrial disaster in India.

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