Reality Of Aurangzeb

Reality Of Aurangzeb

Reality Of Aurangzeb

First, the rivalry between Aurangzeb and Dara Shikoh. Second, Aurangzeb had policies against the Hindus. Third, Aurangzeb’s treatment of the Shikhs. I aim to present you with arguments from both sides of historians on these three matters. A few years after his birth, Aurangzeb’s father, Shah Jahan, rebelled against his grandfather, Jehangir. Shah Jahan was upset with his stepmother Nur Jahan’s favor for one of his younger brother’s claims to the throne. Nur Jahan had a significant influence on the Mughal Empire at the time.

This drove Shah Jahan to rise in rebellion. To punish Shah Jahan, Jahangir took his grandsons Aurangzeb and Dara as hostages. Aurangzeb was only eight years old at the time. After Jahangir’s death, Shah Jahan killed his brother and secured the throne. Finally, Aurangzeb got reunited with his parents. Then began Aurangzeb’s training and education. Aurangzeb studied statecraft, military tactics, and Islam. Historian Jadunath Sarkar wrote that right from a young age, Aurangzeb had mastered the Quran and Hadith.

As a result, Aurangzeb became deeply devoted to Islam. orthodox and conservative Islam. Aurangzeb said he would be more pleased if he were permitted to become a ‘Fakir’. He wanted to dedicate his entire life to Islam. “No terror could daunt his heart. No weakness or pity could melt him.” In June 1633, Emperor Shah Jahan and his four sons had been watching an elephant fight. All the princes, including Dara Shiloh, ran away to save their lives. ” The shame lay in what my brothers did.’ This episode indicated the growing hatred between Dara Shikoh and Aurangzeb. Dara Shikoh used to call Aurangzeb a ‘bigot’. While Aurangzeb called Dara Shikoh an ‘infidel’.

On the other hand, Shah Jahan was known to give harsh punishments to Aurangzeb. Historian Jadunath Sarkar wrote that Aurangzeb felt his father had publicly shamed him. The hatred between Aurangzeb and Dara Shikoh wasn’t one-sided. French traveler Francois Bernier wrote that Dara Shikoh would tell his friends how Aurangzeb “excited his suspicion”. In September 1657, Shah Jahan fell ill. On the other hand, as Aurangzeb was sent on campaigns very frequently, he got to acquire crucial skills through his experiences. So, in the Battle of Samigarh (1658), Aurangzeb defeated Dara Shikoh quite easily.

Following the battle, Aurangzeb took inconceivable measures to punish his father and brother. First, he cut off the water supply to Shah Jahan’s fort. When Shah Jahan begged Aurangzeb not to let him die of thirst, Aurangzeb told him that he had brought it upon himself. The duty of the lived se officials was to ensure that people lived their lives by the Sharia. Aurangzeb forbade the consumption of alcohol and bhang in public places. Aurangzeb ordered the demolition of the temples of Benaras. The Kashi Vishwanath temple was chosen specifically because it had been built by Raja Man Singh.

It was suspected that Raja Man Singh’s great-grandson had facilitated shivaji maha raj’s escape. In 1635, Shah Jahan ordered the destruction of Madhya Pradesh’s Orchha temple, Many points out Aurangzeb wasn’t the only ruler who took such measures; even Samrat Ashoka did the same. Even Samrat Ashoka did the same. Moreover, Aurangzeb implemented discriminatory policies.

This was all about the Reality Of Aurangzeb.

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