5G Network/Frequency Is Reason for COVID 3rd Wave

COVID Third Wave's Reason Is 5G Frequency

Today we will know whether the 5G network is really dangerous for health or for the environment? As you must have seen a few days ago that Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla had filed a PIL in court.

PIL filed by Juhi Chawla

In this PIL, he had filed that this 5G network/connection should be stopped. The network of 5G should not be laid because this 5G network is harming the environment and causing a lot of damage even further. The 5G network rays will not only harm the environment but also human health. Such a PIL was filed by Juhi Chawla in court. The High Court while imposing a 20,0000 fine on Juhi Chawla, said that it is doing this for publicity from Juhi Chawla Because she has no solid proof of this. There is no research on this. There is no data near her to show whether the 5G network actually harms the environment or human health.

So let’s now know this in detail. Friends, nowadays 5G connection is being launched in many countries of the world. Concerns are being raised by many research and others that due to the frequency emanating from 5G networks, the environment can be harmed and human health can also be greatly harmed. An appeal has also been made by many scientists and doctors that the 5G network should be stopped. But so far it has not been proved that the 5G network actually has any adverse consequences on the environment, on animals, or on human health. Like I mentioned above that Juhi Chawla is a Bollywood actress. She was very worried about the 5G network frequency. She had filed a PIL in the Delhi High Court that the 5G network should be stopped. Juhi Chawla had filed this petition against the 5G network. Juhi demanded the cancellation of this service, calling the 5G network dangerous for the environment and animals. But the Delhi High Court rejected his plea and said that it was a publicity stunt. And the court said that while doing this, Juhi Chawla tried to attract the attention of the media. But the question still remains the same whether the organized connection is really harmful to the environment for the animals?

It is being told that in the comparison of  4 networks, 5G internet will give a thousand times more internet speed than 4G. 5G network is thousands of times faster than 4G. And you will be able to watch 4000 videos on your mobile at the speed of hundreds of GB per second. Ever since the 5G service was launched, till today, the attitude of the public is quite indifferent about the 5G network. A lot of claims are being made about 5G in the matter of security. One report even went so far as to say that thousands of birds had died in the Netherlands due to the vacancies arising out of 5G.

5G Network/Frequency

                                                                                        5G Network/Frequency

However, later this news was found to be false and it was called a rumor. Although there have been such reports regarding 5G, it is constantly proving to be wrong. Being told by scientists that due to its high frequency, it can be dangerous for the environment. It is also being told that the frequency of the 5G network is going to range from 30 gigawatts to 300 gigawatts

It is being said that for a 5G network, one antenna will have to be installed every 100 meters because it’s not more than this. So in such a situation, scientists and researchers are to be believed, that the antenna network will be spread all over the country. But whether it will have any side effects on the environment or on the health of animals? whether it will be with the help of humans, has not been proved yet. There are two views regarding How much and what will be the effect of 5G networks on the environment/human and animal’s health.  The public has been assured by the wireless companies and the American institution CDS that the 5G network is completely secure. They said that all kinds of trials have been done on this and all kinds of research have been done.

On the other hand, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)  under the World Health Organization, In a study conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), it is claimed that the high frequency emanating from mobile can be responsible for cancer. That is, cancer can occur due to the high frequency emanating from the mobile. But so far there is no strong evidence that, “the high frequency emanating from mobile and 5G is going to harm the environment/Due to the high 5G frequency, it will have an adverse effect on the environment, on human or animal health”.

In 2019 and 2020, some studies were done regarding the frequency of 5G networks, but it has not been proved yet that what will be the effect will 5G  frequency on humans or on the environment? According to Madhura, who has done the Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, so far research is going on in many countries regarding the frequency of 5G network. Radiation is 4G or radiation is 5G, it is dangerous, but until no concrete evidence is found on them, nothing right to say about it and it would not be right to say anything about this.

One of the problems with science is that we don’t get the right information until it has an impact. And unless we have the right information about something, it is not right to comment about it. But it is very important to think that till the time the correct information comes or till the correct data comes to us or there will be any strong evidence of the consequences of 5G or 4G or the harmful consequences of the frequency emanating from it. Till then there is no great loss or it is not too late.

But it is very important to think that till the correct information comes or till the correct data comes to us or we have any solid evidence about the consequences of 5G or 4G or the harmful consequences of the frequency emanating from it, till then, there should not be too much loss or it should not be too late.

So it is very important that this is checked before launching any service, and we should first check that what would be the result of that service?

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