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Duties Of Judge Must Know Judicial Aspirant/Student

Duties Of Judge Must Know Judicial Aspirant/Student

As a preceding of a Court Judge has to perform certain duties. These duties of a Judge must know to the judicial Aspirant and every law student. So as you are aware the judge is a public officer who eds ( education specialist ) and decides cases and settles the dispute in the Court of law. And there is no office in the state of such power as that of the judge. Judges hold power which is an immense ( supremely good )  litigator of any other machinery.

( litigator means: –A Lawyer is a generic term representing a group of professionals qualified and licensed to practice law. … A Litigator, also known as a courtroom or trial lawyer, focuses on representing his/her client in court. Thus, a Litigator prepares arguments and presents such arguments before a court of law. )

Honourable Judge

                                                                                              Honourable Judge

The main duty of the judge is to uphold the law and see justice is served. A judge should discharge the duties without any ill will, fear, favour, or affection. A judge should hear the allegation, A judge should hear the allegation of both Plaintiff and Defendant in civil cases/suits, and Accused and Prosecution in the criminal case. Let us see some important duties of Judge must know to you / everyone / Judicial Aspirant / Law Student.

Duties of Judge Must Know Judicial Aspirant and Law student

1. A person who is acting as a judge in the Court of law must discharge his duties without fear or favor, ill will, or affection.

2. A Judge must be impartial and must do everything for justice and nothing for himself or his friends or relatives.

3. A Judge should have patience and gravity of heating. He should allow the advocate or party the fullest opportunity to present the case.

4. A should respect the privilege of the bar.

5. A Judge sits with a receptive mind. No Judge should form an opinion regarding the merit of the case till he heard the parties.

6. No Judge should desire that the Bar should be servile.

7. A Judge must not allow himself to be subjected to any influence other than the influence of law and justice of the cause.

8. A Judge should avoid a controversial manner or tone addressing a controversial manner or tone in addressing counsel litigant or witness.

9. A Judge should avoid interruption in the counsel in their argument and in the examination of the witness.

10. An important duty that the judge owes to the Bar is consideration and courtesy.

As a presiding officer, a judge should maintain a calm temper. The role of a Jude is:-The judge is like an umpire in a game and conducts the trial impartially and in an open court. … The judge decides whether the accused person is guilty or innocent on the basis of the evidence presented and in accordance with the law.

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