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Paris Shooting

Paris Shooting

Paris Shooting:

On 23 December 2022, 69-year-old William M. allegedly shot and killed three people and injured three others at a Kurdish cultural center during a mass shooting in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, France Investigators believed the shooting to be an act of right-wing terrorism. Three dead and several were injured in the attack.

Details of the incident –

Heard shortly before midday, causing panic in the bustling area of shops, restaurants, and bars. AFP that the man had been arrested in a hair salon. France’s interior minister Gerard Garmin said that he would travel to Paris and visit the scene of the shooting. Eportd that seven or eight shots were heard with residents saying it was total panic we locked ourselves inside.

Shooting in Kurdish areas –

The old gunman who opened fire at a Kurdish cultural center and a hairdressing salon Friday was deliberately seeking out foreigners, interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said. Released from detention less than two weeks ago as a court is still previous involvement in violence with a “racist nature”. The Paris prosecutor’s office said in a statement.


clashes with french police –

Crowds gathered near the center, where people of Kurdish descent the Kurdish phrase ” Sehid Namirin”, which means: Those who are lost but with us, according to CNN’s team on the ground. Erdogan- Kurdish Link – People were also heard chanting “Murderer Erdogan,” in a recep tayyip Erdogan’s robust nationalism, and his policies towards political groups based in Turkey and Iraq. As Secretary of State Antony his “deepest sympathies” to people in a post on Twitter, ” My thoughts are with the members of community and people of France on this sad day”. Blinken added.

Erdofan’s Kurdish stand –

In particular, the peoples democratic unit has increasingly agitated against the government, conducting numerous attacks against Turkish authorities in the southeast. Kurds- stateless nation – Approximately thirty million Kurds live in the middle east – primarily in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey – and the Kurds Syria, and Turkey- and the Kurds comprise nearly one-fifth of Turkey’s population of seventy-nine million.

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