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Rights On A Petrol Pump

Rights On A Petrol Pump

Hello Friends, in it I am going to tell you that if you are on the petrol pump or a diesel pump so what are your rights there? So, I am going to tell you about your rights and responsibilities. So let’s start with the rights to petrol and diesel pump. the first right is to know about the quality of petrol or diesel. You have to right to use the filter paper to check the quality of petrol and diesel. the next right you have is to know about the quantity of petrol or diesel. what amount do you pay for that is the exact quantity given or not? It is also your right to receive the cash memo or receipt from the petrol pump. the next right is to check the density of petrol or diesel.

If there is cheating or making full to you then you have to right file a complaint about it by going to the CPGRAMS. The information about the CPGRAMS is given on google. Apart from that, the law said that some facilities are to be provided to the consumers free of cost. And this was our right of us even if the petrol pump is run by a government company or the private company. Who has the first right to free air outside? the second right is to provide safe drinking water. the third right is on the petrol pump the neet and clean toilet should be he, which is also free of cost.

the next right is to provide a complete box there for the consumers on that the persons give their complaints easily. With all this right there are many responsibilities which have to be followed by the consumers also.

some information about the petrol pumps is here –

There are more than 58000 petrol pumps in India out of which 95% belong to Government oil companies viz. India Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum, and Hindustan Petroleum. There would be very few people among us who have never been deceived by petrol pumps or are fully aware of their rights to petrol pumps. In this article, we have highlighted some of such rights to increase the knowledge of the common public at petrol Pumps which might not be used by anyone due to ignorance.

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