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The Case Of Shabnam

The Case Of Shabnam

 Hello Friends, Today I am going to explain The Case Of  Shabnam  and the others. 

person cannot be hanged on the gallows, who suffer from an incurable disease, and the age of treatment also if the dices are rare criminal cannot be hanged. Pregnant women is cannot be allowed to hang. Even a minor offender will not be sentenced to death. He is kept in a correctional home instead of Jail. Criminals cannot be hanged before sunrise and after sunrise. The time is fixed according to the changing of the sun every month.” Yakub Memon” was hanged in 2015.

The first person of the 21st century is ” Dhananjay Chatarjii” who is hanged on 14th Aug. 3003. At this time approx, 35 person’s hanging is pending, of which four are women including Shabnam. Their crimes are so serious that even the president had rejected their mercy plea. So let’s see who are the four women including the Shabnam.  The first is ” Soniya” from Harinaya, Shabnam from U.P, and ” Renuka and Seema” from Maharastra. Soniya killed 8 persons in her family on 32 Aug. 2001 with her husband. In 2004 the Court issued the order of hanging Soniya.

After that, the High Court changed it to in-life prison. And then in 2007, The Supreme Court again changed it into hanging. After that Soniya and her Husband would go in front of the President. At that time the president is ” Pranamukharjii ” Who reject the request of Soniya and her Husband. Now, let’s see the case of Shabnam from U.P. Shabnam killed 7 persons with her boyfriend, On 15th April. 2008. After that, this case goes to a Supreme Court and the Court gives the order for the hanging of Shabnam.

At this time Shabnam is in the Jail of Muradabad and her boyfriend is in the Jail of Agra whose name is ” Salim”. After Soniya and Shabnam, the two women are also left they are sisters. This is where the killer of innocents is and both of these of in the Putney Jail. The two of you together have killed 42 children. worry is the thing, they are accused her mother is also included in it but she is dying right now. In the year 1990 or 1996, that’s why there is no evidence of all the matters? But also the proof of 13 death or 6 kidnappings are found out by the C.I.D.  In 2001 the Section Court give the punishment of hanging to both of these sisters.

Then this case goes to the High Court which also keeps this statement as it is. Then the case goes to the Supreme Court, So the Supreme Court also said for the hanging of both sisters. So, these four women are on the list of hanging now.

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