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16/11 Attack of Taj Hotel

Attack of Taj Hotel

                                                   16/11 Attack of Taj Hotel. So Friends, here is the details about

                                                                         the incident occur in the Taj Hotel. 

16/11 Attack of Taj Hotel. On the night of 26/11. In the Taj, there is something 1,100 Guests, of which the registered Guests are something 500, and the other guests are 239 that are attending the other programs and in the restaurants. On the same night, there is 600 staff also. the average age of staff is something 25 years. All the employees knew the back routes, exits, entrances, and layout of the hotel very well. They knew the routes with which you could get in and out of the hotel very quickly.

When the terrorists attacked the hotel, what would you expect the staff to do? Now I would like to tell you two stories about the hotel staff. inside the Taj, there is a Japanese restaurant called Wasabi. When the terrorists entered the restaurant, the hotel operator called and alerted the staff. The staff decided to move the guests to the kitchen. While doing so, 48-year-old Thomas Varghese, the senior waiter at the restaurant, and the other staff formed a human chain around the guests as they moved towards the kitchen.

Thomas Varghese insisted that he would be the last man to leave the hotel. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. The terrorists gunned him down as he reached the bottom of the staircase. While these four terrorists were attacking the Taj, six more from the same group were unleashing terrors elsewhere. Some of the Taj staff had managed to get out or had been evacuated. But some of them decided to go back inside the hotel and help those stranded inside. One such employee was 27-year-old Amit Peshave.

Approximately, 30 people were killed in the Taj attacks, 10 of whom were employees of the hotel.

So, why did the Taj employees rise beyond the call of duty?

First, Rohit Deshpande, a professor at Harvard Business School, mentioned in his research that one of the factors behind this is Taj’s HR policy.

the second reason is customer-centric training.

The third is Taj’s incentive system.

apart from the HR policy, the employees also stress the Indian culture as a reason for their actions. Where we believe in the concept of ” Atithi Devo Bhave”,

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