2008 Double Murder Case

2008 Double Murder Case

                                                                       2008 Double Murder Case

Let’s see the history of the 2008 Double Murder Case. 

Staying in Noida’s Sector 25, Aarushi Talwar. Was born on 24th May 1994. And if we talked about Aaeushi’s daily life, then she used to leave every morning for her school and her mom and dad, who were both dentists, Nupur and Rajesh, would leave for their clinic. But on 16th May 2008, things happened a bit differently. That day, like every other day, at 6 AM, the maid working at Aaeushi’s home rang the bell, usually that door used to open at 1 bell, but that day, after ringing the bell 2-3 times, Nupur Talwar opened that door.

Bharti felt weird seeing all this because after ringing the bell every day, her home servant Hemraj would open the door. Rajesh, who was Aarushi’s father, was awake at that time and crying loudly. now Bharti told Nupur why was Rajesh crying so much, then Nupur pointed toward Aarushi’s room and said look what Hemraj did and ran away. Now, when Bharti reached Aarushi’s room, she saw the dead body of Aarushi. Lying in the bad, and on her neck, there were signs of slitting with a knife.

Now, at 7:17 AM when the police were called, Now, because so many people were already present there, all fingerprints and other proof had been destroyed. The police started to investigate the whole house and that’s when they found out that there was a lock on the terrace in which there were many marks of blood. The father of Aarushi said he was very sure their servant Hemraj has done all this. Now, because Rajesh was suspicious about Hemraj, police had started the investigation of Hemraj.

Now the suspicion of Aarushi’s murder had shifted from Hemraj to Aarushi’s parents. But, what happened? And because the key to the lock wasn’t being found, that lock was broken, and just as the police entered the terrace, they saw there a dead body. the condition of the dead body was so bad that identifying it was almost impossible. After the police pressured him, Rajesh finally identified that body and the body of Hemrah, the servant. That night, like every day, Aarushi had dinner with her parents Nupur and Rajesh.

Hemraj served the food. And Aarushi went to her room, and her parents went to their room. Then, Rajesh and Nupur went to Aarushi’s room and as a birthday gift, they gifted her a digital camera. At 3:45 AM, someone switched off the WiFi router in Aarushi’s room. So, who was this person? it is said that Rajesh caught his daughter Aarishi and his servant doing some sexual activities together and in anger, he murdered both of them. Based on this theory,  the police arrested Rajesh Talwar on 23rd May, but because there was no solid proof, he immediately got bail. But according to one article, this theory comes forward that Rajesh Talwar had an external marital affair, and when Aarushi confronted Rajesh, at that time Rajesh took Aarushi’s life.

Now, this was final in all this chaos, the family was involved because someone from the outside came to their house, but the police didn’t get any proof of that. But, another question arises here why would someone murder their servant and leave their body on the terrace to rot? In 2010, the CBI gave this case to some other team; in 2011, this case reopened again. That is why on 11 May 2011 Aarushi’s parents Rajesh and Nupur had to go to the court and their opponent gave this explanation of the chaos.

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