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Air India Urination Case

Air India Urination Case

Air India Urination Case

 Let’s see friends about the Air India Urination Case. 

Let’s come to the point and understand what happened on the Air India flight A passenger named —- was drinking alcohol on the flight He opened the zip of his pant and started urinating on a senior lady sitting there. The lady was scared Even after this nasty act with his pants zipped open he was standing in front of her. After sor me time to his seat and slept. That lady complained to the cabin crew. In a small toilet of that aircraft that lady had to clean herself. Then the small seat where the crew members sit was made to sit there.

Then her original seat was cleaned and she was asked to sit there only. When she refused then after two hours she was allowed a new seat. In this Air India flight, four first-class seats were vacant. as a matter of goodwill, she would have been offered a 1st class seat. But didn’t happen. As per that man who was sleeping till now. when he woke up he came to know what happened. He came out of his intoxication and apologized to the lady. And he is being arrested today and that too when that lady wrote a letter to tata’s chairman and asked for help.

Non-Smoking Flights –

The Government of India prohibits smoking on all Air India flights. As a separate precautionary measure, all toilets are fitted with smoke detectors.

Child travel –

A child has reached his/her second birthday but has not yet reached his/her twelfth birthday on the date of commencement of the journey. Child tickets for international travel are 75% of the basic normal adult fare. For domestic travel, nil discounts apply for travel in economy and 75% of the basic normal fare in business and first class.

Personal Data –

Personal data as given to the Carrier to make a reservation for carriage and for obtaining ancillary services, by the passenger is recognized by him/her, authorizing the Carrier to retain such data and to transmit these to its own offices, other carriers, or the providers of such services, in whatever country they may be located.

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