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Mystery Of Flight IC 814

Mystery Of Flight IC 814

Mystery Of Flight IC 814

A little after this flight took off from Kathmandu, the passengers of this flight were served food. And while they were having lunch, suddenly, 4 masked men stood up. They announced that the plane had been hijacked. The hijackers went into the pilot’s cabin, and with capt Devi Sharan at gunpoint, he was instructed to keep flying westwards. The hijackers wanted to take this plane to Pakistan.

So this plane kept flying beyond Delhi towards Pakistan. Specifically, to latore’s airport. But the Pakistani air traffic controllers in Lahore strictly forbade the flight from landing in their territory. On the other hand, the Indian air traffic controllers came to know about this hijacking at 4:40 PM. The captain requests the Indian air traffic control to ask their Pakistani counterparts to permit them to land in Lahore. Because the hijackers were getting frustrated. The hijackers were threatening to kill the passengers if they weren’t allowed to land in Pakistan. But they weren’t granted permission. A local committee to delay the plane as much as possible.

This would allow more time for the commandos to develop a strategy. But the hijackers in the plane wanted to communicate with the officials in Delhi. Hijackers attacked a person. The crisis management group formulates a plan and gave orders to the Punjab Police. They decided to take advantage of the fuel tanker fuelling the plane to hide some officers of the Punjab Police. But before this plan could be brought into action, The ATC came up with another plan. Why not place a fuel tanker in front of the plane to block its way?

So a fuel tanker started moving toward the plane. But the driver of the fuel tanker was driving it a bit too fast. And the driver, due to miscommunication or something else, suddenly stopped the fuel tanker. The hijackers were shocked to see this. They gave up on refueling and wanted to take the plane back into the air without refueling. By ignoring the fuel tanker, While speeding on the runway, he barely avoided hitting the fuel tanker in front of them. And once again the plane was in the air.

Once again, this flight turned towards Pakistan. Once again, the ATC in Pakistan denied permission to land this plane in Lahore. So all lights were turned off at Pakistan’s airport. And suddenly, Capt Sharan realized that they were about to crash land on a highway. Seeing this, he made a final request to Pakistan’s ATC. Hearing this, finally, the ATC at Lahore agreed and this plane landed in Lahore. India planned to send the Indian High Commissioner to Islamabad, to negotiate with the hijackers. At this airport in Pakistan, this plane was finally refueled. And to prevent this plane from taking off once again, Lights were turned off once again, and their commandos surrounded the plane. Pakistan was tasked with providing a helicopter to the Indian High commissioner. So that he could reach Lahore for the negotiations as quickly as possible. But the helicopter was provided 3 hours late.

the next landing of this flight was in Dubai. After relentless negotiation, the hijackers finally released 26 passengers here. some important information was revealed by the passengers returning from Dubai about this hijacked flight. The hijackers at Kandhar demanded 200 million, additionally,  they demanded the release of 36 prisoners. But the Taliban do offer to negotiate on behalf of India. And the negotiations went go on. Only 3 prisoners were to be released instead of 36. The credit for bringing down the demands of the hijackers is given to both, the Indian negotiators and the Taliban. The Taliban put the hijackers and the released terrorists in a vehicle and drove toward the border. The border of Pakistan.

By this point in time, it was clear to India, Pakistan’s involvement in this hijacking. The blame for this incident falls on the hijackers and the stakeholders supporting them. But along with this, the incumbent government was also criticized. How they failed at dealing with this crisis. This is all we can say is the communication gap of our government at Amritsar because at that place there was a golden chance to protect the person and to stop all this.

So this was the Mystery Of Flight IC 814.

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