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What Is Dark Pattern

What Is Dark Pattern

What Is Dark Pattern

FTC Report shows a rise in Sophisticated Dark Patterns.

Explained/ What Is Dark Pattern?

What are dark patterns on the Internet and how are users getting after firms using this to downgrade the user experience?

What are Dark Patterns?

Dark Patterns are such patterns that are unethical user interface designs that deliberately make your Internet experience hard even exploit you. in turn, they benefit the company or employ the designs. By using dark patterns, digital platforms take away a user’s full information about the services they are using and reduce control over their browsing experience.

How companies use dark patterns –

Social media companies and Big tech firms such as Apple deceptive patterns to downgrade the user experience to their advantage. Amazon came under fire in the EU for its conducive cancellation process for the Amazon prime subscription. After with consumer regulators, amazon this year made the process easier for online customers in European.

So why should I be bothered –

Dark patterns endanger the experience of Internet users and make them more vulnerable to financial exploitation by big tech firms. The US Federal Trade Commission has taken note of dark patterns and the risks they pose. The regulatory body listed over 30 sarj patterns, many of which are considered standard practice across social media platforms, and these include –

(a) Baseless countdowns for online deals.

(b) Conditions in fine print that add on to costs.

(c) Making cancellation buttons hard to see or click.

(e) Making ads appear as news reports or celebrity endor auto-playing videos.

(f) Forcing users to create accounts to finish a tends.

(g) Silently charging credit cards after free trials.

Problems with Darj Patterns –

1. Forceful signups.

2. Tough exit patterns.

3. Emotional manipulation.

4. Power imbalance consumers.

Som e Interventions –

1. Guidelines to regulate “Dark Patterns” practiced on Ecom sites.

2. To add ‘Dark Pattern” intis the online adverts code.

BIS publishes standards for online consumer reviews –

The official statement, the Bureau of Indian Standards, the national standard body of India, has published an India Standard. which is an online consumer review.

What is the take here? Draft digital personal data protection bill.

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