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Anti Hijab Protests In Iran

Anti Hijab Protests In Iran

                                                                        Anti Hijab Protests In Iran

Hello friends, nowadays there is a big cayos in the World about the Anti Hijab Protests In Iran. Let’s see the full story about that in detail. 

A few days ago, on the 13th of September, Mahsa Amini, and her family,  were traveling from the Kurdistan region to the Iranian capital Tehran. To visit their relatives. It was evening when they were stopped on their way by the police. But this wasn’t the common police. they were the Morality police. The thing is, Iran has a special police force to check whether women are properly dressing up or not. Iran has strict dress codes for women. As per this, they have to compulsory wear headscarves or hijabs in public.

The dress codes are so strict, that the hijab can’t be worn normally, they have to be tied tightly to cover the hair entirely. if a woman in a public place doesn’t wear the hijab properly, the morality police have been deployed to enforce the dress code. Women are treated as toddlers. Back to our story, Mahsa Amini and her family were stopped by the morality police, and apparently, Amini wasn’t wearing her hijab properly. According to her family, the police dragged her out of the car and puts her in the police vehicle.

Her brother Kiarash tried to intervene, to talk to the police, but the police responded by saying that his sister was to be taken to the police station for a 1-hour re-education class. the family told this to the human rights activists, according to the  Iran media website. then she was taken to the detention center and her brother was also present during the interrogation. According to the local media reports, Amini’s brother claims that he heard screams from inside. He was waiting outside the room. When he spotted an ambulance arriving. Amini was secretly taken to the Kasra Hospital. Police say that Amini suffered from a heart attack.

Her brother Kiarash was told that she was in a coma, 2 days later, on 15th September, Tehran police, issued an official statement. Saying that after Amini’s arrest, she suffered a heart attack. Her brother claims that it was only 2 hours. Between her arrest and being taken to the hospital. In the hospital, Amini was in a coma, And the next day, on 16th September, unfortunately, she passed away. This one incident rocked the country. As eyewitnesses present there told the journalists, Amini was beaten up inside the police van.

Amini’s father, Amjad Amini said in an interview that he’s sure his daughter was beaten. On the other hand, the Iran government rejects these accusations. iran’s Interior Minister, Ahmad Vahidi, claims the Amini had prior illnesses, and since morality police do not carry weapons, they couldn’t have beaten her. but then a group of hacker activists leaks some medical documents to the media outlet Iran international. It shows the CT Scan of her skull. Boan fracture, hemorrhage, and brain edema.

On 17th September, a source from the hospital revealed to the Iranian media outlet, that looking at her brain tissue, it was clear that suffered repeated blows to the head. When Amini’s CT Scans spread across media and the masses, this stirs up huge debates. Government supporters claim that the CT Scan shows Amini had previously gone through a brain operation. Critics claim that the CT Scan clearly shows that she was neatened. then came a brave doctor. Dr. Hossein Karampour. published photos of Amini from when she was admitted to the hospital.

She is seen bleeding in it. He says that symptoms clearly show that it wasn’t a heart attack. Rather, she was beaten. Dr. Hossein wrote a letter to Mohommad Raeiszadeh. The president of the Iranian Medical Council. Asking him to speak the truth. Seeing this happen, the government then released CCTV footage. this CCTV footage shows a young woman falling to the ground, at the police station. this CCTV footage is sent to Iranian media channels. Authorities claim that the woman in the CCTV footage is Mahsa Amini. And that you can see her collapse due to heart failure. But Amini’s father claims that this video is false.

By this point in time, this issue had spread internationally. The protests had begun the day Amini was hospitalized. but with the spread of the news on social media and the spread of the videos, the protests started spreading to other cities as well. many other women came out and claimed that it had happened to them as well. There are other videos on social media uploaded by women showing how they were treated or rather mistreated by the morality police. many women took off their hijabs in public and set them on fire.

Soon the protests turned violent. Authorities used tear gas and lethal force. Many people were killed in the police firing. in retaliation to this, an anonymous hacker group hacked two government websites in Iran. they released a video stating that the violence against women in Iran has been happening for many years. Masha Amini is the latest victim of the Iranian state. of the so-called, morality police. Celebrities come out in support as well. interestingly friends, from 1979 till today, there have been many protests by women against the hijab. they had reached their tolerance limit. A woman had died because of the hijab laws.

They couldn’t tolerate it anymore. Over the years, several prominent figures were jailed due to these protests. In several countries, various people and governments are trying to dictate what people may or may not wear. And women simply want freedom. So, this was the whole matter of Anti Hijab Protests In Iran

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