What Is Constitution-Bolingbroke

What Is Constitution-Bolingbroke

Today I would like to explain you about the Constitution (Const.)of India. I will explain each and every Section related to the Constitution of India, which is known as Articles. The Section of the Constitution is known as Article. Let me tell you for each Article we will be having a separate Blog.

I am Starting by defining Constitution. What is Constitution? and What is Constitutionalism? What is Constitutional Law? And then I will explain one by one Article through different blogs for each Article. I will explain a Particular Article with related case laws. And the various things that related to that particular Article. It will also contain the Amendments, which are related to that Article.

What does it mean?

                                                                                           What does it mean?

What is a Const.?

So whenever you are going to start the Const. of India, you must start it with the definition of the Const… Because if you go in an interview for the Judicial services, and the interview board asks your favorite subject. You say my favorite subject is Const…

If they ask What Constitution (Const.) means? So let me define to you what Constitution means?

The term Constitution comes to French from the Latin word constituere “to cause to stand, set up, fix, place, establish, set in order; form something new; resolve.” (which means regulations and orders). According to Wade and Philips const. means, a document has a special legal sanctity that sets out the framework and the principal functions of the organs of government within the State and declares the principles governing the operation of those organs. 

But this is a narrower meaning of the ‘word constitution’. In this sense of the term, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have no Const.. There is no single document from which is derived the authority of the main organs of the government, such as the Crown, the Cabinet, the Parliament, and the Courts of law. Because the Constitution of the United Kingdom/England is not a written Const.

No single document releases down relationships of the Primary organ of the government with one to another or with the people. But the word Const. has a vital meaning. Let me tell you what is that?

According to Bolingbroke, “By Const. we mean, whenever we speak with property and exactness, that assemblage of laws, institutions, and customs derived from certain fixed principles of reason….that compose the general system, according to which the community has agreed to be governed.”

Or, in more modern words, Constitution in its wider sense refers to the whole system of the government of a country, the collection of rules which establish and regulate or govern the government is known as the Constitution. According to H Collins Const. is not the act of a government, but of a people constituting a government; a government without a constitution is power without a right.

What a beautiful statement it is? It says government without Constitution(Const.), means power without rights. So friends I have explained what Const. means in my better way. Now you hardly have any question in your mind about What is the Const. means? Or the Meaning of the word Constitution.

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