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Dismissed Plea For Environment Service

Dismissed Plea For Environment Service

Dismissed Plea For Environment Service

Supreme Court refuses to directly create Dismissed Plea For Environment Service (an independent Indian environment service.)

Question –

The persistent problems of environmental degradation, ecological imbalance, climate change, and pollution are a great concern of India. in light of this, it critically analyzes whether there is a need to Revap the current environmental administrative set-up and create a separate AIS – Indian environment service.

The news –

Recently, the Supreme court dismissed a plea and refused to intervene and direct the government service within the all-India service cadre. On was failed by advocate Samar Vijay Singh urging pwx court to issue a writ of mandamus to GOI to create a specialized environment service.

Basis of the plea

Advocate Samar Vijay Singh argued that a species environment service was recommended by the Subramanian committee in 2014. The committee was constituted by MOFFCC and on November 18, 2014, categorically recommended necessary institutional framework needs to be built on the existing systems, to meet future demands. Some of the new institutional arrangements proposed include the creation of an Environment Reconstruction Fund establishment of a high-quality National Environment Research Institute.

Creation of a new all-India Service –

Indian environment service, regular review of the quality of forest cover and forest management. Attention has also been drawn to the need to deal with urban waste, such as air pollution in cities, primarily caused by motor vehicles.

Govt Stance –

SC seeks govt. response on the creation of an ‘independent’ Indian Environment – A parliament standing committee in July 2015 itself Sabha had rejected the recommendations of the Subramaniam committee report because the legal framework and architecture that was created for the environment would be weakened through its implementation.

Let’s learn from the best – About the Danish EPA – Organisation –

The environmental protection agency is organised into five centres. Centre for rich nature, centra for clean water, chemistry, centre for Green production and centre for staff.

Employees of the Danish¬† EPA –

The Danish EPA number approximately 90 workers with widely diverging backgrounds, training and skills.

Administration processing times –

processing times for administrative matters mental protection Agency commences on receipt from the private individual/company/authority.

Hypothetically How to create IES?

1. Notwithstanding anything in chapter VI of part VI or part XI, if the council declared by resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the members presented it is necessary or expedient in the national interest so to do. Parliament may by the creation of one or more Indian services.

2. The services known at the commencement of this Constitution as the Indian service are the Indian Police Service shall be deemed to be services created by this article.

3. The all-India judicial service referred to in the clause does not include any post of a district judge as defined in article 236.

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