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How Singapore Become Best Country

How Singapore Become Best Country

Singapore is a tiny country, friends. But on this small island, approximately 5.7  million people reside. So the population density of Singapore is 8028 people per square Kilometre. Singapore is 18 times more densely populated than India. The four highly developed countries in Asia. South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Interestingly, the population density of these four countries is higher than India. overall, ‘Unity in Diversity’ is Singapore’s present-day reality. But it wasn’t the case always.

Going back into history, Throughout history, it was occupied by an Indonesian ruler, The British entered this island having bought it. Thomas Raffles turned Singapore into a Free Port. Most ships used Singapore as a refueling station. This might sound like signs of development in Singapore. But there was a dark side to it as well. Thousands of opium addicts were living in Singapore. Crimes increased due to drug addiction. Singapore surrenders to there Japanese. Over the next 350 years, the Japanese ruled over Singapore. And Singapore had turned into a slum colony. After the end of World War 2, The British reclaim Singapore’s control and tried to get things under some control. The opinions of the Singaporeans about the British were quite favorable as compared to countries like India.

Now the Republic of Singapore –

By this point in time, there was some remnant of British control over Singapore. In 1967 the British announced that they would withdraw their troops from Singapore. This might sound like good news to you. But this was problematic. British forces provided a large number of jobs to Singapore. Prime Minister Lee Kuan yew had 4 years to get a hold of his country. Friends, this is the beginning of our miraculous story. A story with Prime Minister Lee Kuan yew as the hero. First, to make peace with the neighboring countries.

Second, for the defense of the nation, Lee Kuan Yew introduced National Service in the same year. It was made compulsory for every boy of 18 years of age, to join the Army, Defence Forces, or National service for a few years. If a country wants to be truly developed, education is among the very first things that need to be focused on. And Singapore did this. Then he introduces an Ethnic Integration Policy. As he launched a campaign to keep Singapore clean. in 1992, chewing gum was banned in Singapore.

No compromise in cleanliness. Apart from this, major laws were enacted, to levy heavy fines. After this, they focused on urban planning. Now, people are given these at a low cost to make these affordable. But where does the government get the money to do so? Singapore’s government owns many such companies, working in the transport, power, and media sectors. Not only is the government managing its funds efficiently, but also the citizens. To attract foreign investment, Singapore had to be a stable country, where it’s easy to carry on a business.

So they reduced tax rates, ended red-tapism, and useless paperwork, developed a single trade window, fired the lazy and corrupt workers from government agencies, invites international businesses, and eased up the processes. As a result, today, in terms of ease of doing business, Singapore is ranked no. 2 in the world. In 1960, PAP introduced the Prevention of Corruption Act. In terms of the environment, in 1972, the Singaporean government launched an initiative of Tree Planting Day.

This initiative was so successful that within 10 years, the number of trees planted was the same as the number of people living in Singapore. Within 10 years, they had cleaned their river. And today, the best indoor gardens are found in Singapore. He was focused on his work to develop the country. Rather than developing his image. You will not find busts or statues of Lee Kaun Yew. He took a country from rags to riches. Mr, Lee made it very clear throughout his life that he did not need and did not want any monument. Mr, Lee was very careful never to allow a personality cult to grow around him, much less to encourage one himself.’

He developed Singapore so miraculously, that he could have depicted himself as a superhero. He could have turned people into his followers.

So this was the detailed information that How Singapore became the Best Country.

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