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India’s Dark Data Business

India's Dark Data Business

India’s Dark Data Business

Hello friends, Today this was very important to know about India’s Dark Data Business. So let’s see. 

Spyware apps aren’t a new trend. It is too old an app. Data brokers are the companies that will give you desired data on demand. Now let’s try to understand how your data reaches data brokers. The first way is when you provide your data unaware of how it would be used. For instance, if you fill out an online job application, the company could sell your data in exchange for money.

These companies have databases of the customers and they sell them for profit.  Other than the employees, the IT companies that handle the databases could leak the data too. The leaks can take offline too. The company’s privacy policy dictates how our data would be used. We agree to these privacy policies when we check a box on a form or click agree on an app, even though we are not fully aware of them. The second way by which the data brokers get our data is by data leaks due to poor security.

The data brokering companies take advantage of these leaks. they collect the data, organize it and then sell it to other companies. the third way is by creating a fake website. Some naive people fail to see the trap and hand in their data unwillingly. you might wonder where this data is being used. It’s used mainly for two purposes. The first is marketing. The second purpose for fraud.

The common fraud is Bank fraud. Individuals involved in this are the shopkeepers who sell SIM cards. Guess which one is the most valuable? The student database is the most valuable. Nobody should be taken aback by the fact that the student database is the most valuable in India. Journalists state that it’s easy to procure this database. One of the data brokers claimed that NEET employees were behind this leak.

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