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Being Gay Or Other Sexualities In India

Being Gay Or Other Sexualities In India

Being Gay Or Other Sexualities In India

LGBT is that community, whose sexual or gender preferences are different from our tradition. L is a Lesbian, A is Gay. We call it the name homosexual and they are those peoples who are attracted by the same gender. B means Bisexual those people that are attracted by both genders. And T means the Transganders these are those peoples who are the same as the body types of one gender but they are identified mostly by the other gender. Like a person who is birth by a male but who sees himself as a female.

According to the reports, there are 25 Lakh homosexuals in India. But many peoples belong to the LGBT community but they leave their life like normal people. The second argument about it is this was the western culture and this was bad for our society. Today, homosexuality and queer identities may be acceptable to more Indian youths than ever before, but within the boundaries of family, home, and school, acceptance of their sexuality and freedom to openly express their gender choices remain a constant struggle for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people. In urban India, where social media and corporate initiatives have created increased awareness of LGBT rights, the scenario looks more upbeat for gay men than for transgender people or lesbians. While urban LGBT voices that are heard through several online and real-world platforms form an important part of LGBT activism, these expose only a small part of the diverse challenges faced by the community.

Far away from gay pride parades, meet-ups, and heated discussions on Twitter, families in rural India have their ways of dealing with LGBT individuals. In some parts, secret honor killings are planned so that the only way for a young gay man to survive is to run away under the cover of the night to some city, with no money or social support.

so this was the reality of Being Gay Or having Other Sexualities In India. 

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