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Myths About The Citizenship Amendment Bill

Myths About The Citizenship Amendment Bill

                                            Myths About The Citizenship Amendment Bill

1. Conditions of the bill –

Only those who entered India before 31 December 2014, will get citizenship. 2. Reply of Intelligence bureau – The intelligence bureau said that He/She was compelled to migrate to India due to religious persecution or fear of religious persecution. And the intelligence Bureau also argued that such a claim would have had to be made at the time the person entered India. And the ID said Intelligence Bureau claimed that 31,313 people would benefit from this bill.

2. There are 49 Muslim-majority countries –

” There are 49 Muslim-majority countries. Only 1 Hindu majority. Muslims can choose any other country.” This is counter by 2 things.

Counter 1 – Why include Christians and Buddhists? But this counterargument is not appropriate.

Counter 2 – This is against the principles of our constitution. A better argument is that this bill is against the ‘ idea of India.’ Then why include many communities but exclude one ( Muslim )?

3. Indian Muslims are safe –

The objective of NRC is to identify illegal immigrants. Assam’s Cut-off date is 24th March 1971. And the cut-off date according to the nation is 26th Jan 1950 or 1951.

4. This was mentioned in the BJP’s manifesto –

The citizenship Amendment Bill declared that We are committed to enacting the Citizenship Amendment Bill to protect individuals of religious minority communities from neighboring countries escaping persecution. This was wrong in two ways, first is voter doesn’t agree with everything that a party stands for. And the second is, A government should work for everyone.

Now, the High costs of NRC –

Those states total of 3.2 crore people living and cover 2.4% of the geographical area. Which took 10 years, and employed 52.000 government employees and applicants, and over 2,500 digitized NRC Seva Kendra. And the total cost of Assam NRC is around rupees 1,200 crore! One NRS Sevak employee said, Leave extra payment, we spent money from our pockets during the whole exercise. Good that the process came to an end. After that, many people said they saw four persons die during a protest by a minority organization. Eventually punishing 60 people to commit suicide in the past six years. And over 855 people died in the Assam movement while over 2,000 were killed in the violence.

A CAB and NRC exercise has extremely high opportunity costs.

1. Money can be spent on education and health.

2. Indian government officials will have even less time for their job.

3. Less time spent on issues like the economy and environment. There are 2 errors.

Type 1 – false positive.

Type 2 – False Negative.

A false positive is at that time when Declaring an illegal immigrant is a citizen. And False negative is at that time when Declaring a citizen as an illegal immigrant. If Strict requirements will decrease Type 1 errors but may increase type 2 errors. And if weak requirements may increase type 1 errors but will decrease type 2 errors. If the type 2 error rate of 5 % is 6.7 crores declared as non-citizens. And if the type 2 error rate of 1 % then 1.3 crores are declared as non-citizens.

So Friends, this are the 4 Myths About The Citizenship Amendment Bill..

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