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OBC Act 2021 Explained

OBC Act 2021 Explained

                                                                                OBC Act 2021 Explained

Friends, Let’s see our first question What is, what are the objectives of this 105th Amendment Act? 105th Amendment passed in Parliament. With the object to prepare the list of OBCs. Now let’s see what is the Amendment bill. So, the bill gets presented in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. After passing, Approved by both Houses of Parliament and Assented by the president. And after the Approval, the amendment bill was converted into the Amendment Act.

Becomes the law of a country. Now, see the History of Reservations in India. In 1950 – Reservations were provided to SC/ST in Articles 15, 16, 330, 332, 342. In 1951 – the 1st Amendment provided reservations in educational institutions to Sc/St. then in 1963 – the MR Balai Vs the State of Myncor Supreme court ruled reservation could not exceed 50%. 1978 – Mandal commission was set up to consider quota for OBCs. Then in 1092 – the Apex court in Indra Sahani’s case upheld 27% reservation for OBCs. Then in 2006 – Where 93rd Amendment Act, of 2005 empowered states to make special provisions for SC/ST in observations of educational institutions. Then in 2018 – When the 102nd amendment was brought.

Now, let’s understand what is the 102nd amendment. For any case of reservation 50% cap shall never be exceeded this is passed by Indra Sahani. Now, the 102nd amendment – what is that amendment? The 102nd amendment comes in the year 2018.  According to this, the powers are given to the president and the central government now that which class or committee was in the group of OBC. And under this which OBC group comes under the OBC Act and which are go’s out that is decided by the Parliament means the Central government. This is not only the one change that is added in the amendment.

Now, the question is under what these changes are, so let’s go to the 102nd amendment bill. In it there are two articles first is – Article 338B and the second is Article 342A. Article 338B talks about the NCBC. What are the structures, duties, and powers of NCBC? And this amendment gives the status to the National constitution. Now the second article 342A – this article talks about the powers of the center and the president of India to make the OBC list. They decided which class and community of OBC are to be added. Now, our second question is what was the Maratha reservation case related to Amendment bill 105th?

In 2019 the Maratha government provides a 16% reservation to the Marathas. And just after that, this is challenged in the high and supreme courts.

So this was our description friends, about our topic OBC Act 2021 Explained…

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