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Delhis Most Brutal Serial Killer

Delhis Most Brutal Serial Killer

                                                                            Delhis Most Brutal Serial Killer

Hello Friends, let’s go to see the story of Delhis Most Brutal Serial Killer.

This story started on 20th October 2006. When in Tihar Jail, an unknown person called and the person on the other side of the call said that at Gate No. 3 of Tihar jail, a dead body is kept in a basket. After going out when it was seen, a basket was kept on that footpath in which the torso of the dead person was tied and kept. And below it was a letter, in which the whole judicial system was sworn. If we were to write a synopsis of this letter in one line, ‘ Catch me if you can’. He wanted to tell from his letter how skilled he is with his work and how the police cannot do their work properly. During the investigation, that call was first traced that the police got on 20 October. And it was known that the call came from an STD booth.

Outside the booth, when the watchman was asked about it, then he said that only one person had come there. Now, the sketch was ready for the letter when the caller’s accent was known. Which turned out to be a Bihar accent. The investigation was moving forward like this when on 25th April 2007, once more the bell of the police rang. The same voice, the same stone-cold tone. One more time, on the same spot, a dead body was kept. The body was tied so tightly. If any police were present, there wasn’t able to open it.

At that time, a person from the crowd said that he can open this body. And he untied this body with his knife. So the thing is, despite the police and so many people being there, the person who unwrapped the body, was the killer himself. Only the body’s torso was found outside Tihar jail, all the other body parts were at Hazari court. A special unit of police was formed to investigate this case. Now, the search for this murderer had begun in the whole of Delhi. And at that time, the police get another piece of news.

Outside Tihar jail Gate No. 3, one more headless dead body has been found. Then after the investigation. The police got to Chandrakant’s house ‘ The Serial Killer’. And it was within a matter of hours, the most dangerous serial killer in the city was handcuffed and kept in police custody. Now, Chandrakant was ready to tell everything only if the police did not threaten or beat him. He used to live in Delhi with his 5 daughters. But taking his serial killer profession seriously, he shifted to Haiderpur.

He’s gotten to know, that being the one with power is the most important thing. Where Chandrakant used to work, there too, Chandrakant had a violent history with its union leader. One day, Chandrakant refused to give money to the union leader. Because of this, there was a fight between the two because of which there was a cut in the hands of the union leader there, and Chandrakant was arrested. And Chandrakant was treated very badly in jail. After getting out of hail, Pandit, who was the union leader, Chandrakant made him the first target. And that’s how the pattern begins. In 2003, Chandrakant killed two people Shekar and Umesh. And then in 2006 and 2007, he continued that pattern. According to him, he was punishing all these people by killing them, and to wash his sins, he used to dump their heads in the Yamuna river.

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