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Young Girls Should Not Sale – Law

Young Girls For Sale In India

                                                                      Young Girls Should Not Sale – Law

Young Girls Should Not Sale – Law. The biggest problem of Today Friends,

Their family of Samira is too poor. Therefore they decide to live Samira to Mumbai in the home of her sister. Samira’s wish or dream is to study very well but she was forced in front of her family and moved to Mumbai from the small town of Kolkata. After in Mumbai she lived with her sister and her sister’s husband. Now she has to get a job. But how to possible that a little girl finds a job in this big city? And his brother-in-law said that he would help him to get a good job.

His brother-in-law left Samira with people who used to do Smuggling on the pretext of getting a job. Now she was in a place where she would be given drugs to be drunk and she would be physically and mentally tortured. For many days all have been going on like this. then on day 1, the other girls lying there got the police rate after seeing the police but Samira stood there she gave it a chance, and sought help from the police, and the next she also got help. The biggest thing in his life is that 14 years girl saw such a bad scene at a young age. In 92 villages, out of 1000 homes, 9000 women were bought for forced marriage.

The girl of Assam named Mahira also went under this and she pushed for stand-in as an option then she was purchased by a man 60 years old for rupees 8000. Just think friends the girl was only 8 years old. Just imagine guys even now in the 21st century there men are going to the moon and on the other hand, there are too cheap processes that are also occurring. According to the National Human Right Commission, nearly 40,000 children were kidnapped in a year, where traces of 10,000 children are yet unknown.

There are many reasons for child trafficking but the biggest reason is Domestic Servitude. In India, there are 3 million prostitutes, out of which 40% are girl children.

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