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OTT platforms In India

OTT Platforms In India

 Hello Friends, let’s go to see the information about the OTT platforms In India.

OTT platforms In India – over-the-top platforms,

are audio and video hosting and streaming services that started as content hosting platforms, but soon branched out into the production and release of short movies, feature films, documentaries, and web series themselves. With a market size of nearly Rs 500 crore at the end of March 2019, the online video streaming platforms may become a Rs 4000 crore revenue ers to market by the end of 2025, according to reports. how are OTT Platforms regulated? press Council of India (PCI ) looks after the print media.

TV news channels come under News Broadcasters Association ( NBA ). The Advertising Standards Council of India ( ASCI ) regulated the content of the advertisements. Central Board of Film Certification ( CBFC ) monitors films. ” With the Framework for Age Classification, content Descriptions, and parental controls in combination with a grievance redressal system, we’ve made it easier for consumers to make the right hiring decisions for themselves and their families.”

October Mid –

An IPL in SC stated that digital content on these platforms is made available to the public at large without any filter or screening.

Broadly –

The government has brought online mediums, including films and news content, under the ministry of information and broadcasting.

It hampers the Right to Free speech –

Web series and Decmentaries have often been made on a lot of political issues and economic issues which have seldom been covered by mainstream films and TV due to the censorship in place.

OTT Space used for constructive criticism –

” For me, freedom of expression is always the best. All restrictions limit the work of creativity or work of art. Censorship, often politically motivated, looking into work is that much worse. It should depend on the dignity of work. painters and musicians don’t have that, why should we? There’s a reason why you insist on freedom of the press and expression.

but OTT Space was misused as well

” People had been complaining there is too much violence, and sex in web series or films made and streamed on OTT platforms. Therefore, platforms decided that to keep censorship at bay, we will have these codes vary from country to country.

Only Time will tell –

OTT platforms are likely to resist any plans to censor the content being provided and streamed by them as these platforms have often chosen to produce movies and documentaries on politically sensitive but relevant topics.

Dissent is the lifeline of a democracy –

” I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

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