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Farm Law Protests

Farm Law protest

Hello Friends, Farm Law Protests …

Lakhs of people are Farm Law Protests in the streets of Delhi and this is a complete orgy. On the one hand, the government says that this law was not made by the government in 1 day, but after 20 years of thinking, these laws were made. And once this law is implemented then it will provide new opportunities for farmers.

And The farmers say that they were not told anything about this. This law nay is beneficial in the first cute 6 years, but in the coming time, it will make things from bad to worse.

So, 11 rounds of consultations have been done to clear the confusion between the farmer and the government. So, now the situation had stopped, due to Farm Law Protests neither is it moving forward nor is it moving forward, in such a situation it becomes very difficult for the citizens to think who is right and who is wrong.

So today I will explain here you what problems the farmers are facing due to this means in Farm Law Protests and what is the response of the government. So go first that was the need to make this law. You as we know that farmers go to sell their crops wither in Mandi or near some investigation.

Now let us about the Punjab and Haryana.

 Over there 48,000 Arthiyas. So basically the commission agents provide the services of packaging, polishing, assorting, etc. So they are also called Service Men. But whatever is produced, these commission agents receive 1.5 to 3 %  commission of total sales value. That’s why they also said a Middle Man.

These three laws have been made they will this is made to remove these Arthiyas. This raises the question that in every state where APMC ( Agriculture Produce ProduceMarket Committee ).

There is also a commission agent in Punjab there are 48,000 commission agents. So if these laws are implemented, then so many people who are commission agents, will stop earning. So, what will be their jobs? Now let’s come to the point, we understand our system.

So, the Mandies are regulated by the State Government under the Agriculture Produce Market Committee Act. So as I told you that the commission agent is charging 1.50 to 3 % of commission on total sales Similarly, in every state the state government charges the Mandi Tax or Mandi fees.

Like, if we see the state government of Punjab and Harinaya, they receive something 1750 cr .and 850 cr . of tax out of 8600 crores collected Across India. Now lets us know about the problem of  APMC.

If we see about 2019 so in India, there are 6630 Mandies. Where the crop is capt by MSP  on average it covers an area of  469 sq. km. So instead of going to the Mandi, the farmers are selling their goods to the nearby traders. One thing you need to know is that only 6% of farmers in India can take advantage of MSP.

If we see about the figures so they are something from 2.5 to 3 cr. So what was the problem in this system, then first of all there was a problem with APMC. APMC not being able to satisfy the need of small farmers. And the second problem was related to the commission agents who receive the commission above 1.5 to 3 % of total sales.

So to deal with these engines the government brings these three laws. So now we are going to simply know what options are provided by the three laws. So the first law says that those arriving can sell their crop even after going out of their state.

If he does so, he will not have to pay the APMC tax now that he was paying. Now the second law talks about contract farming and direct farming. And it clearly says that whatever risks related to them that are directly borne by the private businesses.

So the farmers are free. And the third law delegates the production of food grains. So that are the three laws on which the farmer’s protests are on. Is it one of the longest-running protests in the country and hence the Supreme Court is also involved in it.


Farm Law protest

                                                                Farm Law protest

And it also shows the most important judgments like the Right to protest is a fundamental right. Second, need to find a solution through talks between the parties. And the third supreme court says that till all the problems are not solved stay on all 3 farm laws.

now we will see what are the problems faced by the farmers due to these three laws and what government does to solve the problems. so the two biggest problems that farmers faced are that after the implementation of these three laws the APMC is over . and the MSP is also over. But these three laws, it does not say anywhere that after his arrival, APMC will end or MSP will end.

But this is completely true, it can’t even be said. like I show the example of Punjab and Harinaya. This is a state, the government tax that is settled here is used only for the betterment of the state.

So we know what are those 3 laws which have been made by the government and farmers have problems with this and what the government has done to solve their problems.

I hope you have understood everything well about the Farm Law Protests. 

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