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Surviving Six Months At The Sea

Surviving Six Months At The Sea

Surviving Six Months At The Sea

So when a person is on the bridge, then the primary responsibility is to see if a shop is not coming from the front, And also if there’s land ahead, then how to avoid it, So basically, the safety of vessel navigation is the primary responsibility. Along with that, Also have this work on the bridge, that the passage planning. There is internet on the ship but, very limited. The food made is not Indian. But the body also needs essential nutrients. So eating only salad and rice there, you cannot go on there.

So the alternative to this is that, there are ready-to-cook meals, So you can tell your captain, and he can even order it for you, but how much can you eat that? So because of this, the person also has to eat nonveg. From food, now let’s come to physical fitness. You have to stay extremely physically fit in this profession. Before joining every shift, there’s a medical exam, and if you don’t clear that then leave the ship, even if your license is canceled by the government. The ship has a well-equipped gym. And the person tries to use it for one hour every day. Sometimes, there are days when you are on the phone and the time of the person watching is 6 hours of work and 6 hours off. So in this, the fatigue level of the body increases a lot. because you need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep.

So, at that time, you don’t use the gym. And the marine engineers, who work on the machinery, the temperature of their working conditions is more than 40 degrees c. So the fluids and salts from their body are depleted, So it’s tough for them to the gym, Because they are already doing all the physical work required. But, this isn’t everything. Because I have also seen myself getting low sometimes, because the comfort of the family, cannot be substituted by anyone. So, before starting the journey, you have to sign a contract. And you’ll have to keep these things in your mind, that you’ll go for 6 months, and there are some clauses for that, that in what conditions you are allowed to come back. Because you are on the ship for 14 hours, you sleep, work, and play there, so the mind fumbles a bit that what is happening to you.

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