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Unlawful Assembly

Unlawful Assembly

So, Friends, Our Law says that if 5 or more then 5 members are going to assemble at one place. And who all have a common object.  This common object is to fulfill at least one object from the five objects given in section 141. For example, the first thing written in section 141 is to overawe the government, or a parliament, and the government servant, or any public servant. They all together think that we terrorize the government and make your point. If for that purpose they all are assembled in one place then it is called an ” Unlawful Assembly “. And it should be punishable according to section 143 IPC.

According to section 143 of IPC, the punishment is 6 Month Imprisonment. Now, let’s go to the second point – The second point says, “To resist the execution of law or any legal process”. If 5 or more 5 persons are assembled for the execution of any legal process, then the second part of section 143 says the it is an ” Unlawful Assembly “.

The third of section 141 says that if five or more then five persons are assembled to commit any offense. So, Our Law says the it is an unlawful assembly.

The fourth and most important thing is ” To obtain possession”. If five or more five persons are assembled to obtain passion on any property, So this is unlawful friends. And now the fifth point is, all five or more than five persons are assembled to do or not to do any act. so, for that section 141 declared it unlawful. And for that, there is a punishment of six months with a fine amount.

According to section 143. So friends, now let’s go ahead if these people have any weapons. Then for that, there is a punishment in section 144. In this section, there is a punishment of two years. If suppose any five people have gathered, then the DM or SDM or any other public servant has permission to separate them.

If the person does not accept this then for that there is a punishment of six months.

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