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Celebritys Right To Privacy

Celebritys Right To Privacy

What is the privacy of the person?  What Celebritys Right To Privacy? Let’s see Friends. 

1. Generally speaking, privacy includes the right.

2. To be free from interference and intrusion.

3. To associate freely with whom you want.

Different categories of private information –

1. Private communications – This category of privacy concerns all forms of personal communication that a person wishes to keep private.

2. Privacy of the body – Also includes medical information.

3. Personal information – Personal information refers to those categories of information that refer to only the glories of a specific person, for example, bibliographic and financial information. This type of information is of relevance to all categories of information professionals.

4. The use of technology for the processing of personal and other forms of private information has far-reaching effects on society.

Who is a celebrity?

1. The word celebrity comes from the Latin word ‘ Celebritatem’ which means ‘ the condition of being famous.

2. Today, actors, authors, artists, politicians, models, athletes, musicians, singers, television personalities, well-known business executives, and anyone who seeks to capture public attention including reality TV stars are all celebrities.

Privacy rights of celebrities – People generally tend to personalize celebrities and become curious about every personal aspect of their lives. In the case of Barber V Times Inc, a photographer took pictures of Dorothy Barber during her delivery. Ms. Barber filed a suit of ‘ invasion of privacy against Time Inc for unauthorized and forceful entry into her hospital room and for photographing her despite her protests. Ms. Barber was successful in her suit and the court while awarding damages of 3000 opined.

Celebrity privacy as controlled publicity –

Celebrities are often controlled by the public exposure they received and the need of maintaining positive professional images. this caused their private lives to be controlled by the public.

Intrusion by paparazzi –

Celebrities’ pictures are taken and sold to the press for financial purposes by freelance photographers known by the term ” Paparazzi”. Some techniques which are used by the term paparazzi include staking which could cause turbulence in the lives of celebrities if approached aggressively. The technique of stalking is harmful according to past events as it has led to injury or death of the celebrity. Scholar Andrew Mendelson has argued the ” Paparazzi are valuable in that they reveal potential mismatches between the public image and the reality of celebrities who possess great power in contemporary society, which legitimizes the paparazzi’s invasion of celebrity privacy as a form of watchdog journalism”.

Intrusion by fans –

For fans, they put a much higher emotional investment to create an individual ” bond ” with celebrities, which gives them pleasure and a sense of satisfaction. Fans try to become physically and mentally closer to their idols by attending concerts, movies, and fan meetings. Scholar Jens Hoffman has argued that this is a result of a pathological fixation. Fans exhibiting this can believe that there is a special connection between their favorite celebrities and themselves, even though such a relationship does not exist in reality. once unsatisfied, this fixation can lead fans to invade celebrity privacy out of disappointment and resentment. These extreme fans are known as ” Sasaeng Fan ” which means ” private life fan” in English according to South Korean culture. Celebrity worship syndrome is an obsessive addictive disorder in which a person becomes overly involved with the details of a celebrity’s personal and professional life.

Ethical issues involved –

Selfish nature.

Disrespect for the individuality of the other.


No self-control.



So Friends, this was my article on the Celebritys Right To Privacy. Hopefully  you like it. 

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