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Which Was Abolished After Nationwide Protest

Which Was Abolished After Nationwide Protest

Which Was Abolished After Nationwide Protest

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Iran has Abolished Morality police, an official suggests, after months of protests. Iran has scrapped its morality police after more than two months of protests triggered by the arrest of Mahsa Amini for allegedly violating the country’s strict female dress code, local media said Sunday. Iran abolishes morality police after months-long anti-hijab protests. Iran’s Attorney general Mohammad Jafar Montazeri announced that the country’s morality police has been abolished following months of protest triggered by Mahsa Amini’s death.

Who are the morality police? “Gashte-e-Ershad,” Which translates as “guidance patrols,” and is widely known as the “Morality police,” is a unit of Iran’s police force established under former hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Wearing the hijab became mandatory in Iran in 1983, It was not until 2006 that the unit began patrolling the streets, tasked with enforcing the laws on the Islamic dress code in public. A major part of Iran’s social regulations is based on the state’s interpretation of Islamic Sharia law, which requires both men and women to dress modestly. However, in practice, the “Morality Police” have in the past primarily targeted women.

Morality police squads have in the past been made up of men wearing green uniforms and women in black chadors, garments that cover the head and upper body. Those detained by the “Morality policy” is given notice or, in some cases, are taken to a so-called education and advice center or a police station, where they are required to attend a mandatory lecture on the hijab and Islamic values.

Increasing Restrictions –

Under Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi’s ultra-conservative administration, the “morality police” increased its presence in big cities. In response, thousands of women went out in the streets without a headscarf, with some sharing videos of themselves online to encourage others. But is it True? The news of the alleged dissolution of the morality police comes at a time when protesters in the nation are beginning their three strikes from 5-7 December.

Nationwide protests for three days –

Us secretary of state Antony Blanken said the abolition of Iran’s morality police could be ” a positive thing” and praised the “extraordinary courage of Iranian young people, especially women, who’ve been leading these protests”.

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