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Dangerous Punishment Under IPC

Dangerous Punishment Under IPC

Dangerous Punishment Under IPC

Hello Friends, If you read about the punishments. There is a Dangerous Punishment Under IPC. Then on it, there is a point of Expiratory theory of Punishment. In many books, you cannot find it but few books are mentioned it. If any person commits a crime so for prevent the culprit. But if we want to reform the person who commits a crime. At the present, all theory of punishment is based only on one thing. That is the reformative theory of punishment. But another theory is also given by our IPC that is, the Expiatory theory of punishment.

The legal language of it is said that the people who commit a crime go on solitary confinement. There is a cell of 6X6 where the person is looked at. Its purpose is to give that person a chance to atone for his deeds by living in solitude. The second thing is that if a person is kept in solitude for a long time, then he may also become mad. the best movie comes out on it that is called a Jail. So psychology says that if a person goes in alone for a long time. That long time is a maximum of 21 days. Many peoples count 7 days, 14 days, or 21 days. If a person goes into solitary jail there is the chance of occurrence of two things.

The first is he becomes enlightened or he will be mad. Mostly the chances are of going mad. So that’s why the timing of solitary confinement is fixed. If you read section 73 and section 74 so, the law gives the person a rigorous punishment. So based on a part of it, they give the solitary consignment. The second thing is that, let’s think that the total jail is of 6 months. So within six months, we can punish the person with a solitary consignment of one month.

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