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Salman Khans Bollycoin

Salman Khans Bollycoin

Salman Khans Bollycoin

If you’re interested in Crypto, this is very relevant for you.

Let’s start from the basics –

What are NFTs?

NFTs are a piece of digital art. Coming back to the basics, you’d ask why people are giving so much value to NFTs. Firstly, we need to realize that NFTs are a type of asset, just like stocks, property, etc. And since these are new kinds of assets, their benefits are not understood well by us. We need to understand that NFTs can create an ecosystem. They can function as membership cards or tickets for an event. And if you want to buy NFTs, there are many platforms. But to buy those NFTs, you would most likely need cryptocurrencies.

Let us now talk about Bollycoin. And try and understand what is written in its white paper. Bollycoin is a new cryptocurrency that will help you buy Bollywood NFTs. So firstly you have to buy Ethereum, using which you can buy Bollycoin tokens. When you get Bollycoin tokens, then you can buy Salman Khan’s NFTs. As per only coin, Now, it’s not just Salman Knan’s NFT that Bollycoin wants to sell. It wants to sell the NFTs of several Bollywood celebrities. Bollycoin wants to become a major project of the Bollywood NFT.

They aim to bolster engagement between the audience and the creators/celebrities of Bollywood Through the NFTs. Now, a Bollycoin platform sounds very interesting but it has some issues as well. It’s not uncommon that the price of the tokens of an early crypto project tanks. It happened with another token also. They need to put a lot of effort into establishing their credibility. And according to the people, Bollycoin has not done that. Now, even though the start of Bollycoin might not have been that great, many NFT projects in India are providing digital artists with financial and creative freedom.

So, Friends, this was the detail of Salman Khans Bollycoin hope you like it. 

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