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Are Government Jobs A Big Mistake

Are Government Jobs A Big Mistake

Are Government Jobs A Big Mistake

Hello Friends, let’s see in detail that “Are Government Jobs A Big Mistake”.

First, we need to understand why people chase government jobs. it’s due to two reasons. First, the government job gives people a sense of security. Apart from job security, another benefit of a government job is prestige in society. The second benefit is prestige and Upward Mobility. And we also need to understand what kind of people prepare for a government job. According to an analysis, around 65% of the candidates for government exams belong to rural areas. Most of these candidates belong to lower-middle-class and lower-class families.

Most of them receive their schooling in vernacular languages and not in English. Thus, it becomes difficult for them to find high-paying jobs in the private sector. The same analysis found that 40% of the candidates come from agrarian families. We know the current agrarian crises. They have no option left but to turn to government jobs in hopes to secure a better future. Once secured, a government job instantly enhances the social status of the candidate and the whole family. Especially it affects whom the men would marry.

Thus, some people persevere for years to prepare for an exam. When they can’t succeed, they end up doing odd jobs that pay a meager salary. Thus, our youth must focus on learning skills that are useful in today’s job market. This is why, in Uttar Pradesh, the position of a police messenger received 1 lakh applications, 3700 of whom were ph.D. holders. Everyone who had studied till class 5th and owned a bicycle could apply for this job. It’s surprising that many pH.D. holders applied for such a position.

The second consequence is the loss of money. Since 93% of candidates preparing for government jobs are unemployed, they depend on their families to support them in preparation. A candidate in Prayagraj spends INR 1,50,000 per year whereas a candidate in Delhi spends nearly INR 3,00,000 per year! Since most of these students come from poor backgrounds, this additional financial burden takes a toll on the families. The third consequence is the loss of the economy. Now it is easy to blame youngsters for this problem. But the government will also have to take responsibility.

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