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How To Solve Hindu Muslim Riots

How To Solve Hindu Muslim Riots

How To Solve Hindu Muslim Riots

Hello my dear friends, in it I am going to tell you about How To Solve Hindu Muslim Riots in detail, so let’s understand hope you like it. 

Why we did not see as much violence in Surat during the 2002 riots and in Amdhabad this is to? The temple authority of Somnath, granted temple land to a Muslim ruler. Because the temple authority believed that the Muslim ruler and his Empire could boost business in Somnath temple and the nearby areas. The Somnath authority also believed that they could avail taxes from the Muslim ruler. This arrangement benefited both communities. And this interdependence is exactly what lies behind the story of Surat.

Saumitra Jha, a political economy professor at Standford university has mapped this chart. Saumitra Jha says that in all cities in which communities were doing specialized and complementary tasks, the chances of violence in such cities were extremely low. Saumitra Jha asked the people there why wasn’t there much violence in Porbandar during 2002. A Hindu respondent mentioned that there had, indeed, been attempts to incite violence. Hindu community members were sent bangles to signify their lack of virility in not attacking the Muslims. However, no one in the community including the local politicians wanted violence.

And, so, it did not happen. unfortunately, we have witnessed tragedies like the 2002 tragedy several times in India. The vote share of the BJP was more likely to decrease in the cities that were medieval trading hubs while in Ahmadabad, the picture was quite different. Both Hindus and Muslims were involved in the business of gold, silver, and cotton thread weaving. And because they were involved in the same business, they lacked the incentive to mingle together. Now, the most important question is whether this worked in Surat, this worked in Lucknow, but this arrangement between Hindus and Muslims was created organically.

We can bring about a change at the personal level as well and we can do this by using the deep canvassing technique. Don’t get overwhelmed by the term deep canvassing. It’s simply a psychological tool.

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