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Advocate Lawyer Barrister Attorney etc.

Advocate Lawyer Barrister Attorney etc.

Hello Friends, Most people have this confusion in their minds what is the difference between the Advocate, Lawyer, Barrister, Attorney, etc. So I am going to clear up this confusion today.

Advocate –

Who has been given the right to speak on behalf of someone else?

Lawyer –

Who has a law degree?

Barrister –

If you have a degree in law from England then you will be called Barrister.

Public prosecutor –

A law officer who conducts criminal proceedings on behalf of the state or the public interest.

Pleader –

A pleader is a person who drafts pleadings and pleads in a court of law on behalf of his client.

Advocate general –

And the same person who has a law degree, if he comes to the court to present his side on behalf of the State Government, then becomes Advocate General.

Attorney General –

if a person stands on behalf of the Central Government to represent it, then he becomes the Attorney general.

Solicitor general –

If a person is an assistant of the Attorney general then he becomes a solicitor general. So these are some words that are used for advocates in which people are confused then there is no need for you to be confused.

Some additional information  –

It often happens that people consider the profession of lawyer, advocate, barrister, and attorney, as common. But in general, there is a difference between these. Being a law student or an active person in the legal field, one must know the difference between them. To make you all understand it in easy words, here is an article that addresses the difference between a lawyer, advocate, barrister, and attorney.


Any person who is studying to get a law degree or who has completed a law degree can be called a lawyer. Besides, any person who has been trained in law is termed a lawyer. He may be a legal adviser, a consultant, an academician, or an in-house legal counsellor in a corporate firm.


Advocates are the lawyers who qualify for the Bar Council Exam according to the Advocates Act, 1961. In simpler words, an advocate is a person within the legal profession who possesses a law degree and also represents his clients in a court of law. He represents his client to help them win the case and avoid the sentence or be compensated, depending upon the client’s status, i.e. whether the client is an accused or the complainant. The advocates are protected under the Act, of 1961.


Any person who acquires a degree in law from England is known as a barrister. He is an expert advocate. They give specialist legal advice or guidance in particular areas of law. Mostly, they are self-employed and function in chambers with other barristers so that the cost of settlement and officials can be shared by them.


The chief legal advisor to the Government of India and the primary lawyer in the Supreme Court of India are called attorneys. The appointment of an attorney is performed by the President of India, and he holds his office at the pleasure of the President.

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