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Does India Need Two Child Policy

Does India Need Two Child Policy

Does India Need Two Child Policy

Hello Friends, let’s see Does India Need Two Child Policy or not.

First of all, I would like to inform you that Assam is not the sole state to be bringing in such a law. Such a law has already been brought in, in at least 12 states of our country. It has been enforced and then repealed in some of the states. The ones against this policy say that this will have a deleterious effect on women, So he would simply abandon his wife or divorce her to contest the elections and the woman would be left alone with three children. After the implementation of the two-child policy, what would be the consequences and effects? One good example of this would be China’s one-child policy. Underpopulation is fast becoming a problem in a lot of countries in today’s times.

Think about it, if the old age population increases this would lead to a lot more people who would demand pensions, And if the working age population decreases, then the population of the people who are working to generate money would decrease. Then these people would have to work more to sustain the old age population. So if none of the forced population control measures are successful and a lot of negative consequences arise So now you could ask what are the measures to control the population? The solution is pretty simple, Development in education, healthcare as well as economic development. As proof of this, I would like to show you the statewide breakdown of the different states in India.

The fertility rate is the number of children a woman produces on an average rate and the literacy rate shows the level of literacy in a population. The same relation can be observed between per capita income and fertility rate. That is the people who earn more give birth to fewer kids and between infant mortality rate and fertility rate. Therefore, to divert your attention, a lot of politicians give out inflammatory speeches and tell you to look, the Muslims are responsible for our population growth.

But I am going to show you factually how religion is not responsible for population growth.  This fact is true that some religions have had a higher fertility rate historically for example that of Muslims. There could be a lot of reasons behind these cultural or socio-economic factors. But more important than that is When development takes place, then the fertility rate of the religions comes down on its own accord. That is, every religion controls the population on its own When there is economic development and education, Healthcare facilities are improved.

In general, the entire fertility rate of India has been falling rapidly in the past 20-30 years.

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