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Controversy Of Besharam Rang

Controversy Of Besharam Rang

What is saffron bikini row? “Controversy Of Besharam Rang”.

The Controversy Of Besharam Rang around Deepika Padukon starrer Pathaan’s new song range explained. Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan starrer Pathan is grabbing headlines after Tash Raj  Films released the first song, Besharam rang.

How did the controversy start?

He alleged that the costumes worn by the actress are highly objectionable and the song has been filmed with a dirty mindset. Ge also said Deepika Padukone is a supporter of the Tukde Tukde gang. Since the minister’s comment, complaints have been filming the I&B ministry against the actors Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan for disrespecting the religious sentiments of Hindus.

Speaking to reporters in Pune, the chief of the Republican party of India said:

We don’t have any problem with Pathan except that it uses the ” Besharam rang”. In a song for the color of peace. Hence it is also Buddhism. If they don’t remove the word, besharam, our party will also be against the film. No color is besharam and such a reference should be wrong.

What constitution of India says about Religion, and the fundamental right to freedom of speech?

India is a secular state. The constitution of India stands for a secular state. Hence, it does not uphold any particular religion as the official Indian state.

The following provisions of the constitution reveal the secular of the Indian state:

1. The term ‘Secular” was added to the preamble of India by the 42nd constitutional Amendment Act of 1976.

2. The state shall not discriminate against any citizen around of religion ( Article 15 ).

The western concept of secularism connotes a complete separation between religion and the state. This negative concept of secularism is application the Indian situation where the society is multireligious.

Provision of fundamental rights –

Fundamental rights are enshrined in part 3 of the constitution from articles 12 to 35. Fundamental rights are meant for promoting democracy.

List of Fundamental rights –

1. right to equality.

2. Right to freedom.

3. Right against exploitation.

4. Right to freedom of religion.

5. Cultural and educational rights.

Right to freedom –

Article 19 guarantees all citizens six rights.

random speech and expression –

It implies that every citizen has the right to freely express his views, opinions, beliefs, and convictions by word of mouth, writing, painting, picturing, or any other manner.

The Super court held that the freedom of speech and expression includes the following –

1. Right to propagate one’s views as well as the views of others.

2. Freedom of commercial advertisements.

3. Freedom of commercial advertisements.

4. Right to telecast, the government has no monopoly on electronic media.

Nobody is above the constitution, not even the politicians!

The Booming “Boycott Bollywood” Trend:

Who are the players behind it?

The quint tracked various public groups and pages on Facebook and broadly categorized the users into two groups: Unity and Sanity of the country are very important.

So what do you think?

Conclusion –

The inter has given the power to anyone who has woken up on the wrong side to vent their frustration on social media or start a hashtag campus. It is them to influence public perception and push the public to remain or choose to be, oblivious. Boycotting Bollywood films even before they have hit theaters is an increasingly recent trend. From nudity in film posters to views of actors’ sequences that don’t exist, people have been mass-offended by films in India more than they have by tangible violations.

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