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Court Room Etiquettes Of An Advocate

If you are an Advocate, or if you want to become an advocate, and serve the idea of justice in a Courtroom, you must know the facts and you must have knowledge about the Courtroom’s etiquettes (Court room etiquettes of an advocate). Today I will explain, What are the duties of an Advocate in the Courtroom while dealing with justice? As you are aware that advocates are officers of the Court.

They are expected to assist the Court in the administration of Justice. Advocates collect material relating to the case and thereby assist the court in arriving at the conclusion of a correct judgment. We can say that an advocate is a partner in the judiciary in the administration of justice. Here are some duties of an advocate in the court by dealing with his case.



Duties of Advocates in the Court

  • They are required to maintain towards the Court respectful attitude bringing in mind that the dignity of the judicial office is essential for the survival of the society.

  • An advocate should make his best effort to restrain and prevent his client from resorting to unfair practices in relation to the Court.

  • An advocate should not influence the decision of the Court by any illegal or improper means.

  • An advocate should not communicate with a judge relating to the pending case.

  • An advocate is required to conduct himself with dignity and self-respect during the presentation of the case.

  • An advocate should not consider himself a mere mouthpiece of the client and should exercise his own judgment in the use of restrained language in dealing with the Court.

  • An advocate should not use intemperate language during arguments in the Court. He should avoid scurrilous attacks in pleadings.

  • An advocate should make an accurate statement of facts.

  • An advocate should not misguide the Court by citing knowingly and overruled decisions or a repealed statute.

  • An advocate should uphold dignity and should not do anything which brings the court into disrepute.

One important thing you should know here is like Court Room Etiquettes Of An Advocate there are some Duties of Advocates towards clients. Let us see the Duties of advocates towards clients.

Now you all are aware that what are the duties of an advocate as an officer of the Court in the Courtroom. Means know you know all about the court room etiquettes of an advocate. You can see the duties of advocates towards clients is in Rule 11 to 33 of Professional Ethics. But here you can see some important rules in simple language.

  1. An advocate should accept any brief in the Court, or Tribunal or before any authority and also the nature of the Case.

  2. A case shall not ordinarily withdraw from engagement once accepted, without sufficient cause and unless reasonable and sufficient notice is given to the client. Upon his withdrawal from a case, he shall refund such part of the fee…

  3. An advocate shall fearlessly uphold the interest of his client by all fair and honourable means.

  4. An advocate shall fairly and reasonably submit the case on behalf of his client.

  5. An advocate should not act on the instructions of any person other than his client or his authorized agent.

  6. An advocate shall not anytime, is a party to fomenting of litigation.

  7. An advocate shall not directly or indirectly commit a breach of the obligation imposed by section 126 of the Evidence Act.

  8. An advocate should keep accounts of the clients’ money entrusted to him.

  9. An advocate should not disclose communication made to them in course of their professional engagement even after the case is over…

There are some ethics for doctors also like…Care of Patients:- I will care for my patients in a scientific and ethical manner. I will provide the best of care to all my patients without any consideration of their religion, Caste, personal beliefs, or socioeconomic status. In those patients where cure is Imposible, I shall attempt to relieve pain and suffering. I will continue to offer my care and concern to the end. Above all, I will do nothing that may harm the patient.

Like this Advocate also have some duties towards clients. And some etiquettes towards Court. And Advocates have to behave well in the Court.

Some general Court Room Etiquettes Of An Advocate

  • If advocates represent the crown, introduce your opponent/ do not mention their first name/ not a necessary component.

  • Be polite at all times to the judge and court staff/ you do not want to incur the Judge’s wrath.

  • Dress soberly/ and modestly/ no skinny jeans/ or Jordans on your feet.

  • When not required to wear a wig or gown/ wear a dark-colored business suit/ not brown.

  • The shirt should be white, crisp, and clean/ your appearance in court should be pristine.

  • When speaking to the Judge, doing so from the Bar/ any other location would just be bizarre.

  • Never, never, never turn your back on the Judge/ exit backward from the Court/ bow your head and budge.

  • Do not interrupt the Judge when he is speaking/ even if it is your performance he is critiquing.

  • Knowing when to stand and sit can be a source of concern/ do not worry/ in time/you will learn/ Stand when the judge enters and leaves the Court/ and when you are going to talk.

  • Stand when the judge is addressing you/ it is respectful. it is courteous, it is the right thing to do.

  • Sit when your opponent objects to something you said/ think positive thoughts/ just be Zen.

  • Adress the witness appropriately like Dr, Mr, Mrs, your Majesty.

  • Dress the Judge? what earth is this? Do not leave the judge alone/ until you are dismissed.

  • Should you shake another barrister’s hand?/ well convention dictates that this is banned./ to some this rule seems old fashioned and quaint/ where do you stand, are you for or against?

  • Advocates should bow when entering and leaving the Court room.

  • Advocates should turn off mobile phone dating apps. Wait and after leaving, the courtroom advocates can arrange that date.

Now you know a few conventions and rules/ take them to heart/ you have just been schooled. It is all about Court Room Etiquettes Of An Advocate.

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