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Important Questions Of 2022

Important Questions Of 2022

Important Questions Of 2022

Hello friends, Let’s see the most Important Questions Of 2022. There are the answers of total 50 Important Questions Of 2022

Q1. Recently, the EWS quota’s _____ reservation was upheld by SC.

             (a) 10%                           (b) 20%                      (c) 30%               (d) 25%

So the correct answer is 10%. This belongs to the general category.

Q2. The right to safe and legal abortions is a part of which fundamental right?

(a) Article 21        (b) Article 18       (c) Article 14           (d) Article 17

The correct answer is Article 21.

Q3. As per the UN report, which country will now be the world’s most populous country after China?

(a) The USA         (b) Russia       (c) Bangladesh           (d) India

So the correct answer is India.

Q4. India conducted operation Ganga for evacuating Indians from which country?

(a) Belarus           (b) Ukraine        (c) Sri Lanka           (d) Canada

The correct answer is Ukraine.

Q5. Which country faced an emergency because of soaring inflation and record-low foreign exchange?

(a) Sri Lanka       (B) China        (c) Canada           (d) Pakistan

.The correct answer is Sri Lanka

Q6. Rishi Sunak became the first Hindu PM of which country?

(a) United Kingdom            (b) Scotland             (c) USA               (d) France

So the corrected answer is the United Kingdom.

Q7. Identify the singer who is known as Queen of Melody, Nightingale of India, and the first Indian to perform at the Royal Albert Hall, London. She is also the recipient of the Bhatrat Ratna and Dada Saheb Awards.

(a) Asha Bhosle            (b) Lata Mangeshkar           (c) Pajkumari Dubey                  (d) Geeta Dutt

So we talk about Lata Mangeshkar

Q8. Which country saw huge protests against wearing hijab?

(a) Iran                (b) Iraq               (c) Syria             (d)  Turkmenistan

The correct answer is Iran.

Q9. Recently, we came across the term Param Ganga. What is Param Ganga?

(a) A supercomputer  (b) centrally sponsored  (c) operation to evacuate Indians from Ukraine   (d) an Indigenously developed helicopter

the correct answer is A Supercomputer.

Q10. India’s first ethanol plant was inaugurated.

(a) West Bengal              (b) Bihar            (c) Punjab                      (d) Kerala

The correct answer is Bihar.

Q11. Which organization releases the India innovation index?

(a) NITI Ayog               (b) IIT Roorkee             (c) Atal innovation center                (d) Home Ministry

The right answer is Niti Ayog.

Q12. The book that won the international booker prize is a translated version of?

(a) Ret samadhi         (b) Choti batein         (c) The palace of illusions           (d) The god of small things

The answer is Ret Samadhi.

Q13. ISRO launched its first privately developed rocket.

(a) Vikram S                  (b) Prakash                (c) Soma                        (d) Vikrant S

That is Vikram S.

Q14. Recently, was saw the Gayanvapi Masjid case, where the places of worship Act was interpreted by the court. When was this act passed?

(a) 1996                      (b) 1991                      (c) 2003                  (d) 1983

The right answer is 1991.

Q15. What is ‘Prachand’ that was in the news lately?

(a) Newly launched govt scheme       (b) Light combat helicopter       (c) Submarine         (d) Army’s new weapon

the right answer is option b which is a light combat helicopter.

Q16. Nobel prize is given in how many fields?

(a) five                       (b) Four                    (c) six                    (d) Seven

The right answer is option c which is six fields.

Q17. The 15th edition of IPL 2022 was concluded. Which team won the title?

(a) Gujarat Titans          (b) Rajasthan Royals            (c) Chennai super kings            (d) Delhi capitals

The right answer is Gujarat Titans.

Q18. The environmental performance index was in the news lately. Why?

(a) India was ranked the best      (b) India was ranked at the bottom      (c) No country was ranked best    (d) Based on 100 indicators compared to last year’s 10 indicators

the right answer is India was ranked at the bottom.

Q19. Which of the following is not a feature of INS  Vikrant?

(a) India’s first indigenous aircraft       (b) Largest, most complex warship ever built in India’s maritime history       (c) Tribite to India’s 1st aircraft carrier INS Vikrant       (d) Built under project samudayan

The right answer is Built under project Samudrayan.

Q20. Under the Agnipath scheme, ___ % magnifiers are retained for a full term period of 15 years.

(a) 15%             (b) 25%         (c) 75%          (d) 35%

The right answer is option b 25%.

Q21. What was the mascot of the commonwealth games 2022?

(a) Zizi                     (b) Ruru                 (c) Perry                   (d) Randy

The right answer is Perry.

Q22. The recently concluded 36th edition of the National games was held in?

(a) Gujarat                (b) Punjab               (c) Haryana                    (d) Uttar Pradesh

The right answer is Gujarat.

Q23. Name the first Arab country to host the FIFA world cup.

(a) Saudi Arabia                          (b) Egypt                              (c) Qatar                        (d) Syria

The right answer is Qatar.

Q24. Where was the T20 World cup 2022 help?

(a) England                      (b) Pakistan                   (c) Australia                      (d) West Indies

The right answer is Australia.

Q25. Since India’s first tribal president Droupadi murmur was elected recently. Name the youngest president of India.

(a) Rajiv Gandhi                (b) KR Narayan                   (c) Neelam sanjava reddy                    (d) None

The right answer is None.

Q26. UNSC has 5 permanent and non-permanent members.

(a) 10                             (b) 15                                 (c) 5                                      (d) 25

The right answer is 10.

Q27. Which team was declared to be the runner-up in the Thomas cup?

(a) India            (b) Indonesia                   (c) Japan                    (d) Mexico

So the answer is Indonesia.

Q28. Which of the following countries is the first country to give legal rights to wild animals?

(a) Ecuador                      (b) Colombia                         (c) Brazil                            (d) Chile

The right answer is Ecuador.

Q29. Which organization announces the world book capital for the year?

(a) Unesco                           (b) WTO                          (c) World bank                              (d) IMF

The right answer is Unesco.

Q30. Which awards are also known as academy awards?

(a) Bafta                        (b) Nobel prizes                        (c) Oscars                        (d) IIFS

The correct answer is the Oscars.

Q31. The winner of Miss World belongs to which country?

(a) India                         (b) Poland                         (c) Cote d’Ivoire                         (d) Chile’s

The answer is Poland.

Q32. As per the SIPRI report, which country emerged as the largest exporter of arms between 2017 and 2021?

(a) Russia                      (b) France                       (c) USA                            (d) Saudi Arabia

The right answer is Russia.

Q33. Who was the 52nd recipient of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award?

(a) PM Modi                       (b) Asha Parekh                     (b) Shinzo Abe                   (d) Rajnikanth

That is Asha Parekh.

Q34. Why was East Timor in the news lately?

(a) the Newest member of ASEAN      (b) the BRICS Summit held      (c) the First female president appointed       (d) the First visit of PM Modi

The right answer is the Newest member of ASEAN.

Q35. In the Under-19 Asia Cup 2021 finals, Sri Lanka was defeated by?

(a) India                          (b) Germany                  (c) Australia              (d) Bangladesh

The right answer is India.

Q36. Lakshya Sen is related to which sport?

(a) Tennis                     (b) Badminton                        (c) Football                   (d) Squash

The right answer is Badminton.

Q37. Who was appointed the chairman of Air India?

(a) Natarjan  Chandrasekaran                  (b) P Giriraj                (c) HH Aihod                      (d) P Shankaracharya

The answer is Natrajan chandrasekaran.

Q38. Which state court became India’s first paperless court?

(a) Kerala                   (b) Madhya Pradesh                 (c) Himachal Pradesh                  (d) Chattisgarh

The answer is Kerala.

Q39. Which country announced changing its capital from Jakarta to Nusantara?

(a) Malaysia                     (b) Thailand                   (c) Indonesia                          (d) South Korea

The right answer is Indonesia.

Q40. Human Development Index is released by?

(a) UNDP                   (b) IMF                (c) World Bank                   (d) Reporters without borders

It is released by UNDP.

Q41. Which country announced the longest luxury river cruise?

(a) India                          (b) France                      (c) Germany                           (d) England

That is India.

Q42. Who became the first male Indian to win the honor of world Games Athlete of the year?

(a) Rani Rampal                      (b) PR Sreejesh                     (c) PV Sindhu                      (d) Virat Kohli

That is PR Sreejesh.

Q43. Who became the first Indian to win the Dimond, league?

(a) PV Sindhu                  (b) Neeraj Chopra                  (c) Rameshbabu Praggnanandha                 (d) No Indian has won

That is Neeraj Chopda.

Q44. How to prevent the next pandemic book is authored by which of the following big businessmen?

(a) Sunder Pichai                    (b) Bill Gates                     (c) Satya Nadela                      (d) Gautam Adani

So the answer is Bill Gates.

Q45. Rameshbabu Praggnanandha is related to which sport and what is the highest title given in that sport?

(a) judo, Black belt            (b) Chess, Grandmaster             (c) Bodybuilding, Olympia          (d) Karate, Brown belt

The right answer is Chess, Grandmaster.

Q46. Under the one Nation Fertilizer program, the government announced that all business market their goods under one brand name. What is that name?

(a) India                            (b) Bharat                      (c) Urvarak                 (d) kheti

That is Bharat.

Q47. How many Ramsar sites exist in India as of December 2022?

(a) 50                                                 (b) 65                                    (c) 75                     (d) 85

The right answer is 75.

Q48. Recently, the government approved genetically modified mustard. Which organization state is the largest producer of mustard in India?

(a) Rajasthan                          (b) Maharashtra                   (c) Gujarat                            (d) Madhya Pradesh

The right answer is Rajasthan.

Q49. Where was the Statue of peace unveiled?

(a) Srinagar                  (b) Hyderabad                    (c) Telangana                      (d) Bangalore

The right answer is Srinagar.

Q50. For the Indian flag to be displayed constantly day and night, which code was amended by Gol?

(a) Flag code of India 2014     (b) Indian code 2017           (c) Flag code of India 2002         (d) Indian symbols act 2000

The answer is the Flag code of India 2002.

So these was the Important Questions Of 2022. there are the 50 questions Important Questions Of 2022.

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