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Meaning Of Some Legal Terms – Petition, Suit

Meaning Of Some Legal Terms - Petition, Suit

I would like to put your attention on the Meaning of some legal terms like Petition, Law Suit, Complaint, Application ETC,


• Filed in order to seek remedy in respect of any infringement of The constitutional rights of the individuals.

• Filed before the Supreme Court or high court.

• Written application to some governing body or public official asking that some authority exercise to grant relief, favors, or privileges with the reference to the penalty code of conduct.

• Also filed before family courts & regular civil courts depending upon the nature of the dispute.

• Like in divorce cases or in sec 9 of HMA, 1956.

• Petitioner v . Respondent.


• Filed by the complainant in respect of injustice of a criminal wrong suffered by him and in respect of which he seeks justice from the court ( District or session court ).

• Made to the magistrate in respect of any criminal offence that is not being registered by the police.

• Defined under section 2 ( d ) of the code of criminal procedure.

• In a civil suit complaint is termed as a plaint. Any person is allowed to file a complaint, except in the case of marriage and defamation, where only the aggrieved party can complain.

• Filing application a person seeks a remedy for a single cause or prayer.


• Filing application a person seeks a remedy for a single.

Law Suit

• Can be of any nature which may be of civil nature or criminal.

• A legal procedure by which private wrongs such as breach of contract, negligence or damages, compensation, injunction, etc are sought to be redressed through courts.

• In India, CPC governs the filling and conduct of suit under Section 9order 6,7 & 8 of CPC.

These are the meaning of some legal terms.

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