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Reality Of Citizenship Bill

Reality Of Citizenship Bill

Reality Of Citizenship Bill

Hello Friends, This bill states that if any person is from the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain or Parsi, or Christian community, She has come from Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Bangladesh on or before December 31st, 2014. They would no longer remain illegal immigrants, they would now be granted citizenship. To justify this, Amit Shah says that this bill protects the persecuted minorities of these countries. Therefore, we are providing them an escape route through this bill. It might seem logical to hear, in a sense, because, There have been cases in Bangladesh where Hindus or other minorities have been attached. But this argument quickly loses merit.

When you see that there are many more persecuted minorities in these three countries. Which need help, which are facing discrimination, and which are not mentioned in this bill. to counter this, a lot of people say that there are more than 50 Islamic countries in this world. If the Shias and Ahmedis are facing any discrimination, So they should go to one of these more than 50 Islamic countries- that’s not our problem. Because since they are Muslim and if there is discrimination amongst them, then there are a lot of Islamic countries to invite them. There are a lot of problems with this logic.

First –

What about the atheists?

The ones who do not comply with any faith, where would they go? Secondly, if we start discriminating amongst people considering religion. So if you support the Citizenship Amendment Bill, then you are supporting the two-nation theory.

Furthermore, this bill is a huge threat to our national security. Not only is this bill against the founding principles of our county, but it is also a threat to the northeastern states. And it could also become a huge threat to national security. If you put the people against one another over something, then you can easily rile over them.

So this was the Reality Of the Citizenship Bill.

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