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Reality Of Love Jihad

Reality Of Love Jihad

                                                                  Reality Of Love Jihad let’s see.

The following details are gives the Reality Of Love Jihad friends,  

Almost 30,000 Indians were asked questions in face-to-face interviews. On issues of religion, caste, and national identity. it was a detailed survey with very interesting findings. There were some very interesting findings from this survey. Like 84% of people believe that a true Indian respects all religions. 80% of people had said that to be a true Hindu, a true Muslim, a true Sikh, or a true Christian, it is important to respect other religions. So it’s a good thing that most people in the country believe in tolerance and respect.

So the question arises, why then is there so much ruckus in the country in the name of religions? One, people who do not believe in respect and tolerance, are good at being loud. there are several such politicians, wannabe lawyers, desperate YouTubers, and Instagram influencers. There were several heart-touching stories in the past few years where Hindus are helping Muslims, Muslims are helping Sikhs, and Sikhs are helping Christians. but the news channels wouldn’t highlight that. When the Delhi Riots happened.

Such a case was seen where a Muslim family was protected by their Hindu neighbors from the rioters. Then there was even an opposite case where Some Hindu families living in Muslim-dominated areas, were protected by their Muslim neighbors when the rioters had come to their neighborhood. Unfortunately, showing the news of violence, conflict, and hatred results in higher TRP. And such news plays with our insecurities also. This is the reason friends, why I wouldn’t label it as the sole reason.

The survey report revealed another interesting thing. That 70% of Hindus and 80% of Muslims, don’t want inter-marriages between them. And friends, this may exactly be the reason. That is the news of mass conversions and religious conversions. Spread like wildfire in our country. Because on one hand, the majority of people in the country respect other religions. and show tolerance. This is good, but on the other hand, the majority of people in the country still harbor a fear that if they let their children marry someone from another religion there would be a lot of ‘ problems. And these problems are their insecurities and fears.

There are two fears about it. One is the fear that if their children marry people from other religions it will destroy their lives. And the second fear is that, If my children marry someone from another religion, what will happen to my religion? If things go that way, in some years, my religion will be wiped out. So is there a real danger? The answer to it is in a question of this survey. In this survey, people were asked what was their religion in their childhood and which religion they believe in currently.

98% of people had the same answer for both. It means for 98% of people, their religion is the same that they believed in since their childhood. It means that in India, religious conversion is very rare. You’d ask about the remaining 2% who converted. The report states that 0.7% of people were Hindu in their childhood. Have changed their religion after growing up. The report states this as well, that More people are converting to Hinduism than converting from Hinduism. Same as Muslims. 0.3% of people who followed Islam initially, have now left Islam. But 0.3% of people who were from other religions initially, have now adopted Islam.

It’s the same with Sikhs and Buddhists as well. Christianity can be considered a small exception. Because 0.1% of people left Christianity. But 0.4% of people adopted Christianity. So thus huge conspiracy of religious conversions is often called ‘ Love Jihad’. Why isn’t it evident? Because we’re seeing something completely contradictory. Or it may mean that this ‘conspiracy’ is fabricated by the news channels. I’m not saying that there are no cases of forceful religious conversion in the country.

There have been several legit and real cases where some people have tried to force other people into converting their religion. But those are individual cases. A few cases here and there. But still, one question does arise. What about the cases where there are actual forced religious conversions? In my opinion, that goes against our constitution. Because the Right to Religion is guaranteed to all persons. The religion they want to follow is their choice.

SO, this was the Reality Of Love Jihad. 

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