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Stop Calling This Tranding

Stop Calling This Tranding

Such a system is designed to make you lose money. which is called Stop Calling This Tranding.

By calling it a legit trading platform, a lot of promotion is been done. These applications are taking different people and presenting them as customers. And by shooting a high-quality interview with them and uploading them on YouTube. Millions of views are generated by spending a lot of money. In the name of trading strategies, Webinars of 1-hour duration are been published on youtube. To make you believe, That if you learn these strategies and download our app.

Than Rs. 15,00,000 would be a small thing. The next morning, you will receive a call from Adani. He needs a loan from you. According to them, how much ever you find You won’t find unemployment. Not only India but such scams are also carried out in many countries. There have been a lot of promotions in India too. You will get news articles in popular papers. You might think, If it’s in the news, then it is legit. But, if you scroll down, then you might find very small written.

” Disclaimer: This content is distributed by Binomo no Time group Journalist is involved in the creation of this content.

This means these were not news articles. This was an Ad. But, where do people scroll down so further below and check If a big media outlet’s name is attached, Then it could be legit. And now our so-called influencers and celebrities are no less, They have done really good promotions of these applications, and have lied to you. It is disheartening to see a lot of creators, promoting brands that they don’t fully understand and do not use. these brands offer any amount to the creators who break the trust of their fans.

Finally, RBI addressed this issue. and issued an alert list. It’s a warning to stay away from these apps. This list includes 34 apps. I would like to say only this much, that if you have downloaded such apps in greed. and are involved in gambling in the name of trading. Then, you are wasting your time. Do not wait for it, to become a National Scandal. Save your time and money.

So Friends, this is all about our topic ” Stop Calling This Tranding “.

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