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All About Criminal Conspiracy

All About Criminal Conspiracy

All About Criminal Conspiracy

A Conspiracy means nothing but only the agreement by a person to do some a legal act or acts. Conspiracy consists of the agreement of two or more persons to do an unlawful act or to do a lawful act by unlawful means. It is an inevitable offense of common law, the punishment for which is imprisonment or fine, or both at the discretion of the court. An agreement of two or more persons to do an illegal act or a legal act by an illegal means. Let, me court a case to explain to you what I am saying.

After the case, the Indian penal code section 160 or 178 assimilated to a law of conspiracy in India. The amendment acts section 192 with the inclusion of the Indian penal code the law about a conspiracy to cover the following.

1. Conspiracy as a substantive offense.

2. Conspiracy as a form of abetment.

3. Conspiracy to wage, attempt to, or abet war against the Government of India.

4. very importantly Involvement in specific offenses.

To constitute a criminal conspiracy some eccesitiols things are required which must be satisfied.

1. There must be an agreement between the persons who are aliens to conspire.

2. The agreement should be for doing an illegal act.

So the essential elements of a conspiracy are in mind. In the case of the conspiracy, it was held that the charge of criminal conspiracy cannot stand against the other accused means the two parties or two persons. The proof of communication is not essiciantle in the conspiracy.

So, friends, I hope with my explanation you have a better understanding that what conspiracy means, and what are the essitiantle endrigiends of criminal conspiracy. Now let us discuss what is the punishment described by IPC section 12B for criminal conspiracy. So, for your information section 12B of IPC makes provision for the punishment of conspiracy as you are aware now. Which is punishable by death, etc.

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