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Prohibited Modification To Vehicles

Prohibited Modification To Vehicles

Prohibited Modification To Vehicles

Manager court sentences man to six months imprisonment for making illegal modifications to his ” Thar”. A Jammu and Kashmir court on Friday sentenced a man to six months imprisonment for carrying out illegal modification including a high can siren to his Mahindra That vehicle in contravention of Section 52 of the motor vehicles Act of 1988 ( MV Act). Section 52 in The Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

Alteration in a motor vehicle –

(1) No owner of a motor vehicle shall so alter the vehicle that the particulars contained in the certificate of registration are at variance with those originally specified by the manufacturer.

Provide that where the owner of a motor vehicle makes modification of the engine, or any part thereof, of a vehicle for facilitating its operation by a different type of fuel or source of energy, liquid petroleum gas or any other fuel or source of energy, by fitment of a conversion kit, such conditions as may be prescribed.

e.g – diesel vehicles modified to be run on CNG etc. Provided further that the Central Government may prescribe specifications, and conditions for approval, retro fitment, and other related matters for such conversion kits. 182A. Punishment for offenses relating to the construction, maintenance, sale, and alteration of motor vehicles and components. (4) whoever, being the owner of a motor vehicle, alters a motor vehicle, including by way of retrofitting of motor vehicle parts, in a manner not permitted under the Act or the rules and regulations made thereunder shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine of five thousand rupees per such alteration or with both.

Why do people modify their vehicles? In the given case, the court also explained the reasons why people carry out such modifications. Other Vehicle Modifications Prohibited in India – Colour. Painting the car in the same color as before is allowed, However, approval from R.T.O. is necessary if a different color is to be given, and the change should be documented in the R.C. book. Structural changes. Car horns. Changing the car horn is not illegal, however, the frequency of the sound should not exceed 80 decibels.

Air horns or pressure horns are banned as they cause noise pollution. Car engine. A faulty car engine can be replaced with a new one with the necessary permission from the R.T.O. Exhaust. Aftermarket exhausts that exceed 100 decibels and cause a nuisance to motorists and pedestrians are banned. Car seat modification. The number of car seats in a car cannot be altered. Number plate. Car. The car roof is an integral part of the structure of a car, and as such, any modifications of the same can compromise the structural integrity of the car. Hence any alterations to the car roof, like cutting the car roof, like cutting the car roof creating a sunroof, are not allowed. Width and length of the vehicle.

Prohibited Modification To Vehicles

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