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Reality Of RTI Amendment Bill

Reality Of RTI Amendment Bill

Reality Of RTI Amendment Bill

First of all, I would like to say that, in the full information there is one information commission there. What was his work? So if you file the RTI and there is no response so you can go to the Information Commissioners and you can say see my RTI did not proceed here. There is an authority for the information commissioners to say in front of the government that goes and takes information about the RTI of a person. For the information commissioners, there is a fixed tenure of five years and a fixed salary.

The new amendment says that the salary and the tenure of the information commissioners should be decided by the central government. There is section 13 of RTI for the tenure and the salary. It says that the salary and tenure will now be ‘ As prescribed by the central government. There is an exact change in that. And section 16 of it says that the Central government will decide for state ICs also.

This amendment passed first in the Lok Sabha and after that, on 25th July this is also passed in the Rajya Sabha. Many people say that it is not to be passed in the Rajya Sabha. What will happen now? After the RTI amendment act, the people are knowing about the current currency of the out country. Now you think that what will happen by the RTI that the government has ready to include it.

The important thing is that friends, it is not the first attack of Modi Sarkar on the RTI. Now you think that if the amendment is soo bad so why it is important to apply it? Anna Hazare says that after applying the RTI Act it will possible to come to the lectureship in the country. To defend the Modi government’s RTI Act changes, BJP released a ‘ factsheet’. It doesn’t have many facts.

So, Friends, this was the information about the Reality Of the RTI Amendment Bill

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