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Wife Murdered By Her Husband On Their Honeymoon

Wife Murdered By Her Husband On Their Honeymoon

                                                             Wife Murdered By Her Husband On Their Honeymoon

Hello Friends, this was the story about a Wife Murdered By Her Husband On Their Honeymoon.

Anni and Shrien met because of one of their aunts. They had a lot of things in common and most importantly, they both belonged to Indian origin. The Hindocha family loved their daughter’s choice, The icing on the cake was, that he had a ‘No No’ concept for sex before marriage. Both of them got engaged in May 2010, and they marked 29th October as their wedding date. Like every Indian typical wedding, their marriage happened enthusiastically near the Powai lake in Mumbai. And both of them started their new journey. But no one knew that this romance phase was going to be on for a few days, And then, it was going to become a crime thriller.

On 7th November, this newlywed couple went to South Africa’s Kruger National park for their honeymoon. After spending some days there, they thought of taking a taxi and going to cape Town. A taxi driver named Zola Tengo dropped them at cape Grace’s 5-star hotel in his minivan. Anni had checked and after talking to Zola for 10 minutes, even Shrien came in. In these 10 minutes of chat, Shrien had booked Tango as his tour guide. On the morning of 13th November, to exchange all the cash he brought with him, Shrien went to town with Tango and comes back to the hotel. On that day, they spend more than half of the day in the hotel. And at night, both Anni and Shrien, Plan their dinner at 96 Winery Road, which is a beautiful restaurant.

At sharp 7:30 pm when Zola reaches the Cape Grace hotel in his minivan, at that time he gets to know that there have been last-minute changes. Instead of going to the dinner, the couple thought of having something light and exploring the raw side of Cape Town. But in some time, this was going to take a scary form. In Cape Town, there was a seaside resort town named strand. where the couple had their dinner. While going to strand, there’s a Township named Gugulethu which you have to pass. After dinner, passing from such a township where according to the South African institute of race relations, from 2005-2010, there have been 700 murders, is not exactly a good idea. While returning to the hotel, Zola took a turn from the main road, and they went towards the township.

At that time, there was a sudden bang in the car.  2 hijackers were standing there with guns and went inside the taxi. And Zola, whose taxi it was, they threw him out of the car and started driving that taxi. Anni and Shrien were seated in the backseat, and they became very scared because at 10:30 at night, on a quiet unknown road, how to escape this situation, they couldn’t understand. The car went on for around 20 minutes, and after that, the hijackers stole all the expensive things from Shrien, including his phone.

Shrien took help from the local people there and complained to the police. The police left Sheirn and Zola at the cape Grace hotel. And started finding Anni. That night, Shrien’s father called Anni’s father vino Hindocha. And informed him about the events that happened in South Africa. And after some time, Shrien called Vinod Hindocha and told him about all this. Just as he heard all this, He took the first flight to South Africa. The next day, the police get a call from a place named Khayelitsha from a resident.

When he says that, the whole night there was a gray-colored Volkswagen minivan in which no one was seen. After hearing this, the police reached there just to find Anni Dewani’s blood-bathed dead body. Lying lifeless in the backseat of the minivan. Anni was shot dead. All her expensive luggage had also disappeared. There were scratches on Anni’s inner thigh. But in the postmortem report, there was no evidence of sexual abuse pointing toward the struggle before death. It just wasn’t a case of robbery and hijack, but there was a bigger mystery hidden behind this. Who was this conspirator in real, who made this kidnapping happen which became a murder case?

If we revise, then in custody now there were 4 people. Zola, Colombo, And 2 Hijackers. Zola told the police, that to plot his whole plan, a person had told him. And that person was no other than Anni Dewani’s husband, ” Shrien Dewani”. Frequently changing the statement given to the police and changing anyone from a victim to a suspect for obvious reasons. Anni’s family also states that Anni was not happy in the marriage. When she was on her honeymoon, she texted many of her friends and relatives about this and it was also known that a day before Anni’s funeral, Shrien had kept a Pizza party.

During the funeral, Shrrien was behaving very aggressively. He was throwing all the flowers and letters brought by the relatives to the ground. Because of this Anni Dewani’s family was very upset. Anni’s sisters also said in one of the interviews that on the day of the funeral, Shrien had to put a bangled in Anni’s hand. But because her body was cold and stiff, the bangles weren’t going in but were trying to forcefully put them on and when Anni’s family declined him to do that, he thrashed her hand with force.

Anni’s sister says, “I can still hear the clonk When her hand hit the metal”. Qwabe and Mngeni were charged with murder, robbery, and kidnapping. Monde Colombo was not punished. because according to the court, the accused was not directly involved with the case. He had gotten immunity from prosecution. According to the plea deal, Zola Tengo was charged with 18 years in prison in exchange for his true testimony against Shrien Dewani. After this plea deal, Shrien was arrested too but he got bail on only some days.

Now comes this story’s biggest twist. Some rumors started spreading that Shrien Dweani was homosexual. He denied all these allegations, but a male sex worker, named ‘ German Master’ admitted that there were physical relations between him and Shrien. After some days, even this was known that after some hours of Annie’s death Shrien started to browse dating apps. And also started to watch porn. Which is not something anyone would do. when somebody of their known dies. Shrien’s lawyers tried hard to keep him safe. It is believed that Shrien didn’t want to tell his family about his homosexuality. Because he knew they would not accept him. To save his pride, he married Anni. Wife Murdered By Her Husband On Their Honeymoon.

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